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Oscar Winner Joachim Back Signs to Stink Globally

Production Company
Los Angeles, USA
Joachim is behind some of the world’s most celebrated commercials for brands including Amstel, Audi and Viagra
Stink Films is confidently kicking off 2018, announcing the global signing of Academy Award-winning director Joachim Back. 

The signing comes at an exciting time for Stink, with investment in music, film and TV, agency and brand relationships, and growing its global network all planned for 2018.

“Our vision for the future of Stink is based on great talent, moving freely between advertising and entertainment, across geographic and cultural borders, making the most compelling work in the world. Joachim is one of those rare talents,” said James Morris, Stink Global CEO.

A leading visual storyteller with a unique sense of humour, Back’s work has been recognised at the highest level internationally. Winning an Oscar in 2010 for the darkly satirical short ‘The New Tenants’, he is just as noted for his commercial work, having worked with many of the world’s biggest brands and agencies. Named in the Gunn Report several times, his famous work includes the charming ‘Smallest Bar in the World’ for Amstel; Citroen’s brilliant ‘Dog Stretching’; the ugly duckling to ‘Swan’ tale for Audi; the smart Land Rover ‘7th Wheel’, D&AD winning short films ‘Big Bear’ and ‘Here’s to Twinkle’ for Chivas Regal, and not forgetting his legendary ‘Beep’ campaign for Viagra, the most awarded ad globally that year, which hilariously got round regulations by using the little blue pill to beep out characters talking about its effects. 

His most recent work for Publicis Italia and Renault Scenic, ‘Great News’, is characteristic of Joachim’s style, amusingly delivering a safety message as the driver receives unwanted news.

“It’s important to shoot things that connect with people and challenge their intellect, but allow them to have fun watching at the same time — it is advertising after all! Unfortunately, many things look the same these days — epic and vignetty — and we need more than just a pretty picture to get people’s attention. An ad doesn’t have to be big to be good, it can be small and fun, but if it is big, it does need a clever idea behind it,” Joachim commented.

“People come to Stink because we back their creativity; we fight for it and hunt down the best opportunities from around the world,” added James Morris. “We’re excited about the work we’re going to be doing with Joachim.”

“There is great confidence at Stink. They have a culture that creates the best ideas and the best solutions; creativity is always first and they have their finger on the pulse. And despite all their experience, it still tickles them when a great idea comes in. They’re decent, playful human beings, who like to have fun. It is rare to find all of this in one place these days,” Joachim concluded.

Joachim considers himself a New Yorker, having chased his dreams to the city many years ago, but began his career in his native Denmark as a runner on feature films. He soon transitioned into different technical positions — camera, lighting, even post as an assistant editor. Determined to get behind the camera himself, he borrowed some equipment and began shooting his own commercials and spec projects. He’s been working non-stop ever since.
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