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Ogilvy UK Sets Industry Standards with Their Menopause and Perimenopause Support Policies

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London, UK
World Menopause Day tackles the workplace's outdated and silent taboo

Monday 18th is World Menopause Day. Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce and symptoms can start, in some cases, as early as 20 years old. 3 out of 4 women experience symptoms, 8 of 10 Menopausal women work, a third of the female workforce will soon be over 50 and retirement age is 68.   

Ogilvy launched their first Menopause and Perimenopause policy in 2019, it was extended in 2020 by improving their BUPA offering, and this year they are delighted to announce we have begun the accreditation process to become an official Menopause Friendly Employer.  

“As we go into our 3rd year of building on our Menopause policy and wellbeing strategy to support all of our women, let’s face facts, 50% of the population face this at some time in their life, yet it is still considered taboo, often whispered to a very close friend over a drink. I’m so pleased to see that this conversation starting, not just from a wellbeing point of view but also to ensure we retain our top talent, who just happen to be women to continue their progress and enable them to bring their whole selves to the table,” said Helen Matthews, chief people officer, Ogilvy UK (pictured above). 

Ogilvy are committed to empowering all women, during all life stages. To raise awareness a number of women within the agency have told their story to put a face to Menopause within the agency.  In addition to flexible working (3 days from home 2 days in the office), the agency’s support policies and information service includes: 

BUPA: private health cover which entitles all our employees experiencing Menopause to an appointment with a menopause trained GP and 12 months of support 

MPower Community Support: a monthly Peer to Peer group meet, to share experiences, talk with leading experts and have access to additional resources to support anyone through (peri)Menopause 

Agency Educational Lunches: Menopause and Perimenopause are just another stage of life that all women go through, be they our colleagues, friends, partners, parents or siblings. We’d like to reduce the stigma of Menopause and by encouraging open conversations about their experiences over a series of lunches 

Line Management Sessions: guidance on handling conversations around (peri)Menopause, to provide an overview on all aspects of Menopause and how to prepare for those conversations 

"In a recent survey, statistically 21% of women going through peri/Menopause didn’t go for a promotion they would otherwise have considered; 19% felt they had no option other than to reduce their hours (impacting their pension) and 12% resigned. In addition, Menopause doesn’t discriminate against age and can affect women from their 20s through to midlife.  I believe that all workplaces should ensure they have robust policy in place, underpinned by support and education. I am thrilled we continue to keep this topic visible,” said Fiona Gordon, CEO, Ogilvy UK.

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