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Now That’s Entertainment: How Jam Are Re-Defining Social Content
Creative Production Studio
London, UK
Neil Lane, Lucie Loughlin and Harry Lane launch modern content company in reaction to growing demand for quality, shareable and transactional content
With a natural talent for growing small client bases into globally successful and profitable production outfits, Neil Lane, Lucie Loughlin and Harry Lane have teamed up to forge their own independent digital and social content company Jam. Officially launching on 4th April 2017, the trio are looking to offer clients and agencies something sweeter than your traditional production model.

Like its sugary, sticky namesake, Jam has three key ingredients to its offering; content production, versioning and consultancy. The recipe to their success? A nimble team led by pioneering tech and high creative output. With a minimal core staff, there’s certainly no added sugar in their model but there’s a lot of flavour when it comes down to the all-important output.

According to co-founder Neil Lane, Jam was not actually inspired by fruit preserves but by the iconic London mod band fronted by Paul Weller - and they’re certainly ready for the modern world.

This is the modern world

With omni channel marketing pushing the need for brands to create compelling content for digital and social, Lucie and Neil have formed Jam as a response to the growing demand for quality, shareable and transactional content.

“The simple fact is that brands’ budgets aren’t growing, but their output is. They are having to grow a presence on so many different channels these days, that they need to find new ways to get more for their budget,” explains Neil. “As an industry, we need to adapt to that. We understand what brands are currently going through. We’ve worked through huge changes in traditional media to ‘always on content’ and we’ve been successful at it. Launching a new company from scratch has really allowed us to perfect a modern, highly efficient system that is looking toward the future of content."

Now that’s entertainment 

Whilst Jam’s production offering is lean, they’re also bringing creative into the mix. Jam’s other co-founder and creative partner, Lucie Loughlin has 15 years’ experience spanning both agency and broadcast creative and production roles. Lucie’s role at Jam will offer creative thinking, as well as experienced production know-how. 

Teaming a mind for ideas with an inside-out knowledge of production means that Lucie is always on the lookout for ways to maximise on existing content.  

“Over the past few years, it’s become very clear that great things can be achieved if you have the brand or agency’s best interests at heart. The way we see it, we are a partner and an extension of the team when it comes to the work. This allows us to gather unique insight into how a team or brand’s production models work. We go from there to implement change and educate on the process.” Explains Lucie. “Digital and social content has to be high quality. Consumers expect a lot from brands and by combining our skills, we’re able to roll out highly creative thinking and practical know-how into our production process to make those small bits of content possible and powerful.”

Just who is the five o’clock hero?

Believing in a close working relationship with clients, Neil and Lucie want to provide something intimate and personal with Jam. “We’ve always been avid believers in end-to-end client support, it’s part of the reason we started Jam. It has care and attention from us from conception to completion, and we’re always available for our clients,” comments Neil.

Truly the five o’clock hero, Jam will never say never to a potential client job. “Our size and agility means we’re able to pick up projects last minute, overnight and at the weekends, if its urgent. We want to make the impossible, possible!” concludes Lucie.

All mod cons

It’s not just creative thinking and close-working client relationships that Jam are offering, they are also prepped with the most up to date technology, which they tell us is an essential and key component of their process and operations. 

“Data and technology are part of our DNA,” adds Neil. “We combine these deep insights with top of the range tech which drives our processes from beginning to end.” By working so closely with brands we can get to the heart of cost savings and efficiencies. 

Work from Jam