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Nike's 'Spit Fire, Dream Higher' Celebrates Girls Paving Their Way in the Football World
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London, UK
Felix Cooper teams up with renowned platform Gurls Talk and its founder Adwoa Aboah for the short film

Felix Cooper has directed a new documentary film entitled 'Spit Fire, Dream Higher' in collaboration with internationally renowned platform Gurls Talk, its founder Adwoa Aboah and Nike. The short celebrates incredible girls who are paving their own way in a traditionally male dominated sport. Through their stories, they demonstrate the value of football as a force for empowerment for young women. 

The documentary presents us with young players from different cultural backgrounds who are committed to the game. We hear the stories of how football has had a positive impact on their mental health, well-being and sense of self-esteem.

Adwoa Aboah talks to Nadia Nadim of Paris Saint-Germain about her incredible journey from Afghanistan to Paris, which is told alongside personal stories from young players in South Africa, Germany, Ghana, France, Russia and Turkey.

These unique girls are characters which all viewers can relate to, no matter where they’ve come from. The power of the individual is shown through poignant examples of courage these girls take to break taboos and overcome obstacles.

Connected by a sheer love of the game, the girls demonstrate its power and reach. The film shines a light on a huge variety of cultural and geographic contexts and uncover the collective message beneath the tenacity and ambition.

As we get to know about their lives, family, home life, school and friendships we go on a journey with them. Football is the connecting thread throughout, leading us into these very different lives and settings. Led by individual stories that demonstrate the significance of football, we also meet each of their respective communities.

The main arc is the strength in character of these girls, united by their love for the game and the strong bond of sisterhood in their teams. We see how football gives them tools to navigate the world and instil sensibilities.

On top of the film, Felix and Adwoa put together a book published by IDEA and designed by Fraser Muggeridge.

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