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Newcastle Brown Ale & Droga5 Envisage Life if July 4th Never Happened
Advertising Agency
New York, USA
There'd be a whole lot better rude words according to Stephen Merchant

July 4th is just around the corner. The entirety of the USA will come together for beer, BBQ, family, fireworks, laughter, and the rest to essentially celebrate not being British. 

British comedian Stephen Merchant isn't best pleased about that in Droga5's latest campaign for Newcastle Brown Ale. Instead of ranting, though, Merchant imagines Americana life if the Brits had won the Revolutionary War, and a Great Britain 2 was born. The general consensus? Better comedy, better news, more mushy peas, fluffy-haired lawyers and, perhaps most importantly, better rude words. 

The campaign is a cheeky extension of the brand's popular 'If We Made It' Super Bowl campaign and last year's push for an 'Independence Eve'.

We're still not sure if it's anti-British, anti-American, or both. But it really tickled our fancy. 

“It’s not easy to sell a British beer during a supremely American holiday, so we’re imagining how great America could have been – and how much beer we could have sold – if the Brits had won the Revolutionary War,” said Quinn Kilbury, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “In the late 1700s, colonial Americans risked life and limb to fight for their freedom. Today, we’re running the very real risk of people totally not getting the joke here, and we think that’s pretty patriotic.”


Client: Heineken USA / Newcastle Brown Ale

Campaign: If We Won 


Agency: Droga5 NY

Creative Chairman: David Droga

Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer 

Creative Director: Scott Bell

Copywriter: Ryan Raab

Art Director: Dan Kenneally

Junior Copywriter: Martins Zelcs

Junior Art Director: Bryan Stokely

Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale

Senior Producer: Anders Hedberg

Interactive Producer: Benny Goldman

Head of Digital Strategy: Chet Gulland

Senior Digital Strategist: Dan Neumann

Digital Strategists: Nick Maschmeyer / Eric Tsai

Account Director: Dan Gonda

Account Director: Nadia Malik 

Client: Heineken USA / Newcastle Brown Ale

Senior Director Portfolio Brands: Charles Van Es                                                

Brand Director: Quinn Kilbury

Brand Manager: Brett Steen

Film Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Randy Krallman 

Editorial / Post Production: Droga5 Studios

Editor: Kellan Davidson / Matt Badger

Interactive Production Company: Caviar Digital