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Nestle Munch’s Boat Race Campaign Helps You Crunch With Confidence
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Mumbai, India
Self confidence inspired spot from Wunderman Thompson encourages young Indians to find their rhythm

Wunderman Thompson India has launched a new multilingual campaign across all southern markets for Nestle Munch featuring actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Shot in the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, the TVC which has been released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada, encourages youngsters to overcome self-doubt.

The film features the story of the first ever woman captain of the snake boat races, which has always been a male bastion. A young woman, a rookie first time captain played by Samantha is stumbling as the spotlight falls on her in the backwaters, her native place. The storytelling elevates the journey from that moment of self-doubt to the surge of self-confidence to finding her Thaalam and leading her team to victory. She finds her Thaalam to beat the odds stacked up against her and rises to the forefront on the big stage.

Talking about the new campaign, Senthil Kumar, chief creative officer, Wunderman Thompson India, said: “All of us have been in situations when the spotlight is suddenly turned on us and a moment of self-doubt creeps in no matter how prepared we are. It is time to drown the voices of doubt that rise in your head with the crunch of self-confidence. Overcoming self-doubt with self-confidence is what this brand narrative is all about. Drop The Doubt. Lift Your Confidence Ka Crunch with Nestle Munch.”

“The film has been crafted to epic proportions by director Manoj Pillai and his team and the musical expression of the Thaalam by Maestro Sameeruddin is making waves in Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu with a powerful beat and an emotional score,” he added.

Joy Chauhan, managing partner, Wunderman Thompson India, said: “Brand Munch has been a loved brand across markets for decades. In the south of India, Munch enjoys unprecedented consumer love and enviable stature. The responsibility a Munch communication carries on its shoulders is equal to the love our consumers carry for this brand. It is not just an entertainer but something which takes a leaf out of our great culture and ends up inspiring our audiences along with entertaining them. Munch Thaalam film has all of this and more. We are very proud of our long association with this great brand from Nestle.”

Shubhrojyoti Roy, strategy and planning head, Wunderman Thompson India, added: “This communication looked to refresh relevance and local connect for Nestle Munch in our Southern markets while bringing to life the brand’s essence of Inspiring Confidence under Pressure. Consumer research revealed ‘performance pressure as a key tension point that keeps gnawing away at youth’s confidence. Made of a beautiful juxtaposition of traditional local flavours and a contemporary narrative, the Thaalam commercial is an entertaining reminder to drown murmurs of doubts with a loud crunchy bite of Munch and stay confident on the spot.”

Rupali Rattan, head, confectionery business, Nestlé India: “MUNCH has always encouraged our consumers to overcome any doubts and inspired them to put forth their best self. This film uses the setting of the beautiful local boat races to bring this truth to life in a grand yet enjoyable, relatable way."

South superstar Samantha Ruth Prabhu, said: “I am delighted to be a part of this campaign with MUNCH and resonate very well with the core idea of the campaign. I truly believe it’s our confidence that helps us get through the many hurdles we face every day. I hope through this campaign, we are able to inspire the youngsters to overcome any self-doubt with self-confidence and self-belief.”

The campaign is currently live across all mainstream television, mobile and social media platforms.

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