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Neighbours Reassured Globally in Bose's Noisy New Spot

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São Paulo, Brazil
Asteroide and Wunderman Thompson Dubai team up in the global campaign for Bose
With the film 'Dear Neighbor' produced by the Brazilian company Asteroide, Bose sends out an invigorating message and a unique perspective on social distancing.

In normal times, listening to your neighbour playing the accordion early in the morning or using the blender all day would be frustrating. But in times like these, it has become a reassuring, even welcome sound that tells you that your neighbours are safe as they go on with their daily routines.

Considering this new normal, Wunderman Thompson Dubai created the Stay Noisy campaign for the technology and audio equipment manufacturer Bose. The global campaign launched this week and includes the film 'Dear Neighbor' produced by Brazilian production company Asteroide.

For the Argentinean Pablo Maldonado, executive creative director at Wunderman Thompson Dubai, the result is nearly a work of art: "Asteroide and its production team drew up a plan to make this film, without it being yet another commercial using an image bank, like so many out there." The pandemic has forced people around the world to practice social distancing and stay at home, and many brands are struggling to stay relevant and create content with the same quality as before. Based on this idea, Wunderman Thompson Dubai conceived the idea for the film.

In the making of this film, Asteroide adapted to the new measures in place due to Covid-19. The team explains how they produced this piece in the middle of a quarantine: "It may not look like it, but we filmed all these windows in Curitiba, Brazil. As the idea was already voyeuristic, we did everything within the standards required by WHO," says Asteroide creative director, Guilherme Biglia. "All of us at the company appear in the film, our mothers, our homes. It was a film we all made together, from our homes, for the world. And we combined these images with our own photos from other cities in the world and made them live-action. The film includes Paris, Bogotá, Cannes, NY, Stockholm... even Curitiba," says director Thiago Prestes.

For Saymon Medeiros, senior art director at the agency, the piece has the sensitivity and vision necessary to tell an inspiring story. "I was already familiar with Asteroide, because they have been doing great visual works and amazing storytelling for ten years. I love working with people who are passionate about ideas, to the point of obsession, like me and the WT Dubai team. Two minutes into my conversation with Thiago Prestes, I knew I wanted to make this film with him."

The #StayNoisy campaign will run in several countries in addition to the United Arab Emirates, such as the USA, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

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