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Naughty or Nice? Christmas is Coming in Rankin's Latest Coco de Mer Film
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London, UK
The Full Service launches risque version of The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Full Service and Coco de Mer have had a lot of fun together. They’ve draped snakes on models, explored some stonking stately homes, played with pussycats, they’ve even invited Pamela Anderson along for some Coco de Mer ‘alone time’.

Now, they’ve teamed up to celebrate Christmas together, so get ready for some Coco de Mer themed festivities - but we’re warning you, if you’re looking for some PG family fun, you’re looking in the wrong place.

The one-stop-shop creative agency and erotic luxury brand began with the idea that no one actually wants a partridge in a pear tree for Christmas. Instead they decided to go in a much more sultry direction, including: Twelve Seraphine g-strings. Nine spanking paddles. And some pearl blossom silk lube. Yep! That’s right they’ve taken the classic festive tune ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ and put a naughty but nice (but mostly naughty) spin on it.

Rankin, founder of The Full Service and iconic photographer, was the director of this project. And really, considering his fascination with the erotic, his playful style and previous work with the brand, it couldn’t be a better fit. That mix of sexy lyrics with the dulcet tones of the Blossom Street Choir has Rankin and his (in)famous sense of humour all over it.

Rankin says: “The brand is amazing and I always love working with them. This idea had everything that I could possibly ask for in a project; sexual liberation, a cheeky twist of something traditional and of course a dollop of humour, it was so much fun to shoot and I’m just grateful that Coco de Mer were as enthusiastic about the idea as we were.”

Set in a luxurious home, full of festive decorations, a cosy winter fire, a steaming bath tub and a full Christmas dinner, we watch as our characters unwrap and discover the delights of lingerie, sex toys, latexwear and full blown bondage – each item shown under the Coco de Mer own brand. It’s all there and it’s ready to be played with – whether you prefer to have fun solo or with friends.

Lucy Litwack, CEO of Coco de Mer: “I absolutely love the playfully erotic aesthetic of the images and the twist on the classic 12 days of Christmas concept. And who better to partner with for a project like this than Rankin? If you ask me this is entirely more exciting that traditional partridges and pear trees, and I’m inclined to believe our clients will think so too.”

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