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Nationwide, ITV and Wavemaker Bring Climate Change Action into People’s Homes
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London, UK
Campaign aims to demystify and uncover the challenges inherent in ‘green-ifying’ homes across the UK

Wavemaker has partnered with Nationwide Building Society and ITV on a new campaign aiming to demystify and uncover the challenges inherent in ‘green-ifying’ homes across the UK, a critical action for the future of our planet. 

As a major contributor to carbon emissions, decarbonising UK homes will become pivotal to meeting the Government’s target to slash emissions by 78% by 2035. However, at the moment the incentive for homeowners is missing. The process is expensive, but there is an urgent need to address the problem.

More crucially, inertia, as well as complexity and confusion, is rife regarding green. Consumer ‘confusion’ has been cited as a threat to the net zero homes plan, for example, few people know that our homes – both new and existing – account for approximately 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions. In spite of the need for greater awareness, there is no single organisation providing clear, unbiased advice to help consumers navigate this area and get fit for the future.

Nationwide will go live with an advertiser funded programme (AFP) launching on the 18th October, in the form of a three-part series, “Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home”.  The weekly episodes will be fronted by award winning Presenter Ranvir Singh (“Good Morning Britain”, “Lorraine” and “Eat, Shop, Save”) and Kunle Barker, Property Expert and Designer (“Love Your Home & Garden” and “Renovate Don’t Relocate”). The series is designed to educate its audience on how they can make sustainable changes to their home.

Alongside the series, Daisy Payne, will spearhead short-form content on its owned channels. Daisy, a regular special guest on “This Morning” and blogger and Instagram influencer, will share further tips on how to green-ify the home.

Spencer Clarke, director of mortgages marketing, Nationwide Building Society said: “Amid rising energy costs, and facing into a climate emergency, the need for collective action between government and enterprising businesses to work together to reduce the carbon emissions of our homes has never been more pressing. To meet our net zero target by 2050, the country needs nothing less than a green homes revolution and we hope this campaign will help to inspire homeowners across the UK to start taking action to retrofit their properties.”

Rachel D’Cunha, strategy partner, Wavemaker UK added: “Today, nothing is more critical to society than the future of our planet, our shared home. Nationwide recognises its role in the greater global conversation around sustainability and hopes to inspire real societal change. Even if we can support one home in pursuing the first ‘baby steps’ it takes to go green with this campaign, we are one step closer to achieving Britain's 2050 emissions reduction target and to a better future for the generations ahead."

Bhavit Chandrani, ITV director digital & creative partnerships, said: “Advertiser funded programming is a great way for us to work with brands and Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home is a fantastic example of us partnering with Nationwide and Wavemaker to bring key messaging to our viewers around how they can make their homes greener.”

Wavemaker identified the opportunity to take part in the programming concept and was responsible for overarching project management as well as creative ideation for the additional content series. The three part series hosted on ITV, has been funded by Nationwide and produced by British television and Digital media group, Twofour.

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