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National Water Safety Forum Reminds Us to Fight Our Instincts to Save a Life in the Water

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London, UK
2AM and krow London's informative spot reminds people what to do when someone is in trouble in the water

2AM has partnered with Krow London and the National Water Safety Forum (NWSF) to create a highly impactful TV and social campaign to coincide with the UN World Drowning Prevention Day on July 25th.

Directed by Steve Cope, the campaign tells us to think twice before jumping in to save someone in trouble in the water, and instead to do the right thing and call 999.

With startling use of CGI to show a man falling into a canal, whilst his friend remains helpless on the towpath the campaign brings to life the inward struggle that many people have when they see someone fall into the water. The overwhelming urge is to jump in but statistics show that it is much safer to call 999 and wait for help, as client David Walker, head of road and leisure safety, ROSPA, and executive member of National Water Safety Forum, said: “Making the right call can mean the difference between saving one life or the loss of two or more. This campaign provides clear lifesaving advice in those crucial moments during a key drowning risk window.”

Darryl George, executive creative director, Krow Group, said, “We’ve all read heart breaking reports – Not knowing what to do, someone jumps into the water to save another person but ends up in need of rescuing, or worse. With this campaign, we bring to life the inner struggle that people face before they decide to jump in, encouraging them to stop and think. To make the right call and call 999.”  

The film was shot in a day on location in East London with all crew and actors involved giving their time for a nominal fee.

Steve called upon the brilliant team at Coffee & TV working with C&TV CD Phil Hurrell and producer Gus Quirk for all the online post production work, and enlisted the services of long term collaborators Tim Hardy at Stitch Editing for the offline edit, and Munzie Thind at GCRS for the Sound Design.

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