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My Most Immortal Ad: Wayne Deakin on Supreme
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London, UK
The Immortal Awards juror and Huge London ECD on the stuff of legend that is Supreme’s non-advertising advertising
With just a few weeks to go until this year's Immortal Awards deadline, our jurors have been taking it in turns to select the ads and campaigns that are most immortal to them, revealing the reasons why they've stayed with them until this day.

Next up is Wayne Deakin, executive creative director at Huge London, who opts for a wearable ad (that isn't an ad) from cult skateboarding brand Supreme.

The deadline for this year's Immortal Awards is Friday 10th September. More information on how to enter can be found at the bottom of the article.


As a resident of adland’s fringes with sights set more clearly on less traditional creative solutions, my choice for Most Immortal Ad is, in fact, a non-ad: the stuff of legend that is Supreme’s non-advertising advertising.

The cult apparel brand founded by James Jebbia in 1994 hit the streets with a beautiful bold oblique Future-typed white Supreme in a red box. The Heavy Oblique, a sans serif italicized type created by Paul Renner in 1927 and the logo designed by one of Jebbia’s close friends, it was inspired by the anti-capitalist, anti-logo aesthetic of New York conceptual artist Barbara Kruger.

With its bold white letters surrounded by the red font, the logo mocked society. With its branding, positioning and hype engineering culture so well, it made Supreme an icon for generations to come.

Strong creative bravery made up for its next-to-nothing budgets and today, this upstart still out guns big names like Gucci, Fila, Adidas, Louis Vuitton and Nike.

Supreme’s logo is a great example of simple strong design. Yet the aggressive mix of the font and colour scheme is one that broadcasts a message of rebellion and anti-authority that resonated with the brand’s customers instantly.

And as one of the most recognisable marks in fashion, it still does three decades on.

This humble Redbox identity has now become a kind of living brand expression with new stories to be told as it surfaces with countless cool and authentic creative reinventions that are both local and global in its impact. A wearable ad that isn’t an ad. Because that’s modern creativity in my book and why design is a secret and immortalising weapon that we should embrace and love more.

Brand: Supreme
Non-ad: Logo
Typeface: Future Bold Italic
Established: 1927, by Paul Renner
Re-imagined: 1979, when the typeface over text block format was created by Barbara Kruger, inspired by the Russian school of suprematism 4
Re-purposed: 1994, by Supreme

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