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My Most Immortal Ad: Genevieve Hoey
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London, UK
R/GA's group executive creative director reveals Miller Lite's Evil Beaver upended her creative approach

With online judging underway for the inaugural Immortal Awards, our jurors have each selected a classic ad that they believe deserves the title of Immortal.

Genevieve Hoey, group executive creative director at R/GA, says that Miller Lite's 'Evil Beaver' serves as a reminder to embrace the bizarre in creativity...  

'Evil Beaver', Miller Lite | Fallon, Dir: Traktor

Immortality belongs to the ad that has forever buried itself deep inside in your grey matter. The brain version of an ear worm I guess. And because all our brains are different, here’s a little insight into mine, via my Most Immortal Ad of All Time.

I was a junior, doing what I thought was advertising. I thought I was doing quite a fine job at it. And then this ad for Miller Lite totally upended my world.

It was a commercial, but from another planet of comic madness altogether. One where cinematic tropes lived in harmony with men in animal costumes and ridiculous VOs. All deftly and perfectly handled by the inimitable directors at Traktor.

I always come back to this commercial, its pure, mad, creative energy. It kicks me in the butt when I’m taking this business too seriously and reminds me to err on the side of insanity. I was lucky enough to work with Traktor, and for me they are still a creativity benchmark in this game. And so is their spot.

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