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My Most Immortal Ad: Amy Carvajal

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London, UK
The Immortal Awards juror and Code and Theory CCO opts for a Super Bowl spot from a tech giant that changed the game
Another five jurors have joined this year's Immortal Awards jury and, with the entry system now open, they're taking it in turns to select an ad that’s immortal to them, revealing the reasons why it’s stayed with them until this day.

This selection is made by Amy Carvajal, chief creative office of Code and Theory, who heads back a the best part of a staggering 40 years for an iconic Super Bowl spot from an iconic tech giant...

Apple '1984' (Chiat\Day, 1984)

You’ll see why 1984 wont be like 1984.

What a classic ad. It’s almost 40 years later and the stage for the Apple brand was set with the launch of this ad. It didn’t just break through, it broke the rules. It was disruptive and had a lasting brand impact that Apple allows you to break free from control and embrace freedom. Plus, it created an idea that many brands follow – to keep the idea a secret and launch with a big bang at the Super Bowl. It got the audience talking and wondering, which is what everyone still chases today, that buzz.

It had to be different and that is a hard brief. They delivered. It opened on a setting that represented the future and the craft had a mystique to it that made people read into the story and sparked debate around what people believed was really behind the message. Many saw IBM in it as the big brother.

The splash for Apple was created and now, decades later we are all still talking about it. 

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