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My Biggest Lesson: Dann Liebermann
Music & Sound
Los Angeles, USA
To kick off Women's History Month, The Element Music's Dann shares the best advice she was given by her friend Bonnie Doman

Dann Liebermann is executive producer + head of creative partnerships @The Elements Music.

Since returning to advertising, Dann has produced spots for global brands TikTok, Toyota, Nike, John Lewis, and the multi award-winning VR-wearing Samsung ‘Ostrich’. and has leaned into her passion for brand partnerships as well as working with and supporting organisations including Create Not Hate, Women in Music and Green the Bid. 

Dann lives in West London with her two girls and whippet, Ray. 

LBB> Is there one event / piece of wisdom from your career that's always stayed with you? What is it? 

Dann> I was going to launch in with some excellent advice my dad gave me about how to discover raw creative talent, but actually the advice that’s served me the most in my career, came from my best friend, Bonnie Doman. 

No one can do what you can do, the way you do it. 

LBB> Set the scene! How old were you when you learned this insight, where were you working, how long had you been there, what year was it, what was your role and how were you feeling generally about your career at this point? 

Dann> I was in my late 30’s returning to an all male (at the time) music for advertising company, a single parent. 

Having taken time out to raise my girls, returning felt like I was starting out again. Surrounded by my peers, now ECD’s and heads of agency, I struggled with imposter syndrome. 

LBB> Tell us about the chain of events that led to you learning this insight… be as specific as you can! 

Dann> To be honest, it wasn’t about a chain of events, it was simpler than that, a culmination of conversations with a friend who could relate to working in a male dominated, creative work environment at the same time as raising a young family.

LBB> And if you got some words of wisdom from a particular person or there’s a key, influential person in this story – tell us about them! What was your relationship to them, what were they like, how did you feel about them?

Dann> Bonnie and I met when we were 10. We grew up advertising kids, our dad’s working together at AMV, but it was motherhood that bonded us later in life. 

She was in a creative partnership with her twin at AMV for 12 years before taking time out to have a family, also returning to advertising a few years after me, as creative director at adam&eveDDB after graduating D&AD’s Creative Equals ‘Creatives Comeback’ program. 

We were kin when it came to understanding the challenges of parenting and working in advertising, so she basically pep-talked me through a year of imposter syndrome till my self confidence was intact, at which point things really started to happen for me. 

LBB> Why do you think it struck such a chord? 

Dann> Reaching your full potential, or whatever you consider your career sweet spot might look like, is more about shifting patterns and re-framing the story you put in your head, than the job title you have by the time you’re 30. 

Sometimes valuable advice has to be drummed in. 

LBB> How did it change you as a person and in your career? 

Dann> I stay in my lane and focus on the work/life goals that have meaning for me. I have huge empathy, compassion and patience for anyone trying to get into their career stride, whether starting out or returning like I did. 

LBB> And as you’ve progressed in your career, how have you re-evaluated this piece of advice?

Dann> This advice comes down to daily practice. Maybe consider it more a mantra! 

LBB> Is this insight or piece of advice something you now share with other – if so, how do they respond to it? 

Dann> I do. The fact no one can do what you do, is so freeing. So if you’re free to be you, everything is possible! Thanks Bon!

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