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Mumbai Police Promotes Self-Policing in Film from Lowe Lintas

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Mumbai, India
#MainBhiMumbaiPolice campaign is an initiative by Lowe Lintas and Mogaé Media to support the Mumbai police

Social distancing and staying home are the need of the hour and it's highly impressive how most citizens abide by the government’s advisory to fight Covid-19. For the city that never sleeps, Mumbai Police have been doing exceptionally great work towards ensuring the safety of every citizen. However, in a city that houses close to two million people, it can get daunting to physically ensure every citizen stays put inside their homes.


To strengthen its fight against Covid-19, Mumbai Police – along with Lowe Lintas and Mogaé Media – got Mumbaikars to shoulder this huge responsibility with the force. #MainBhiMumbaiPolice, an idea conceived by Lowe Lintas, got Mumbaikars to consider themselves an extension of the force by taking on the highly responsible task of self-policing, thus ensuring that their family members stay inside their homes and keep everyone safe from any risk of infection.


Speaking about the campaign, Sagar Kapoor, CCO at Lowe Lintas said: “The Mumbai Police is working relentlessly to keep us safe in every manner possible. With the lockdown, the least we can do as citizens is to partner them in their efforts, considering they are risking themselves for us out there. Hence the #MainBhiMumbaiPolice idea. Since it is the responsibility of each and every household to look after their family members and stop them from venturing out during the lockdown. Staying true to the spirit, the whole campaign has been created by staying at home. All partners connected digitally and executed the campaign from their respective homes.”


Commenting on the initiative, Carol Goyal, executive director, Mogaé Media said: “We at Mogaé have worked with the Mumbai Police in the past. This time when the pandemic problems started, we thought we must do our bit to help the police. This is an initiative by Lowe Lintas and Mogaé Media to support the Mumbai Police. We have always volunteered to help the force and they have graciously accepted our support. The campaign was then created by our friends at Lowe Lintas to whom we owe a million thanks for working round the clock during the lockdown.”

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