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MullenLowe Singapore Unveils Powerful New Campaign for Singapore Red Cross

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The campaign aims to get Singaporeans more aware of the emergency services available to them

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC)has been in existence for close to 70 years, and it has built a brand synonymous with disaster management, blood donor recruitment and first aid.However, SRC’s local community services receive far less attention, and fundraising has been challenging as a result.

SRC’s suite of local community services include Transport Aid –providing the elderly or disabled with transport for their aid for critical needs for those who are elderly or disabled to have access to medical appointments and treatments; Food Aid – providing nutritious food for needy families; Red Cross Home for the Disabled – providing residential service and a day activity centre for the disabled; and Community-Led Action for REsilience(C.L.A.R.E) – a programme that trains and mobilises volunteers to be citizen first responders to provide first aid, eldercare and befriending in their neighbourhood.

In order to harvest the much needed support for these local community services, SRC decided to develop a marketing campaign for these services to be better known.

MullenLowe Singapore was briefed to create an on-offline campaign to raise awareness on the beneficiaries of SRC’s local community services, and how these services are making a positive difference in their lives. 

The campaign by MullenLowe Singapore aims to engage people in the stories of some of the beneficiaries and show how their donations and support are needed for SRC to continue supporting its beneficiaries. The communication effort works towards addressing a misnomer that Singaporeans don’t need humanitarian help.

Sharing his views on the intent behind the communication exercise, Benjamin William, Secretary General/CEO of the Singapore Red Cross said, “The campaign tells the stories of those who have fallen through the cracks. By showing how our local community services help make life better for our beneficiaries, we hope more people will come forward to donate and support us in providing much needed aid for vulnerable individuals and families in our midst.”

Commenting on the partnership with MullenLowe Singapore, Mr. William said, “MullenLowe Singapore understood the intent of the campaign very well, and adopted an empathic and collaborative approach when producing the campaign. It was a complex project and the team was gracious and generous with their support. They really put their heart into this project, and this is evident in the moving storylines and visuals.”

As a part of the communications exercise, there will be a core TVC that will be launched along with four films meant for digital mediums. These films capture the real life situations of people who are disabled, needy or aged, and highlight SRC’s role in helping them get on with life.

Commenting on the on and offline communications approach being undertaken, Erick Rosa, Executive Creative Director of MullenLowe Singapore said: “This is a beautiful campaign. With real people. Real stories. A campaign that moves you to make a difference precisely because of that. It is real and it’s happening right now. Hopefully more people agree with this opinion and love the films as much as we do. So the donations can pour in and the engagement with the Red Cross in Singapore can increase as well.”

Srija Chatterjee, Global Business Director of MullenLowe Singapore said: “It was an absolute pleasure working with the Singapore Red Cross team. Their relentless pursuit to do good for the country and passion for true collaboration pushed us to give them work that we are all proud of.”

Apart from huge bursts on digital platforms and also on television, SRC would also be tapping Outdoor mediums to promote its message to the citizens of Singapore. 
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