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Mullen Lowe Group Winning Work Spans the Globe at EPICA Awards 2015

Advertising Agency
Hamburg, Germany
Network’s major regions recognized across variety of categories

The Mullen Lowe Group global network showed its strength across its major regions taking home a total of 6 awards: two Gold, two Silver, and two Bronze prizes at the EPICA Awards ceremony held on Thursday, November 19th, in Berlin. The EPICA Awards is an international celebration of creativity with prizes awarded by journalists with years of experience in the communications industry. Mullen Lowe Group agencies with winning work include: GGH Lowe Hamburg, LOLA, Mullen Lowe U.S., Lowe Indonesia and Lowe Singapore. You can view the winning work here.

The widely acclaimed ‘Nazis Against Nazis’ work from Mullen Lowe Group’s German office, GGH Lowe, turned a Neo-Nazi demonstration into a charity walk. In collaboration with Grabarz & Partner, the work has been recognized by multiple top international awards shows and was the fourth most awarded campaign at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity in 2015. The work was awarded a Gold in Public Relations.

Benedikt Holtappels, CEO of GGH Lowe commented: “I am extremely proud of the ‘Nazis against Nazis’ campaign. It has not only generated huge creative success, but has proved to be extremely effective in doing what great advertising should do: Drive social change”.

LOLA, Mullen Lowe Group’s Spanish agency, was awarded for their ‘Proudly Seeking Pleasure’ campaign for Magnum. The campaign, also recognized at the Cannes Lions Festival, most recently won a Grand Prix at the El Ojo Awards in Latin America for ‘Best Global Idea’. The campaign has garnered widespread praise for its bold and courageous message of being true to your pleasures. As stated by LOLA CEO and Partner, Miguel Simoes, “Magnum has always been true to its brand philosophy that a day without pleasure is a day lost”.

The work was awarded the Gold in Film: Confectionary & Snacks.

Mullen Lowe U.S.’s most recent work for Acura, ‘The Test’, tugged at the heartstrings with a beautifully crafted spot that features a real life family in place of crash test dummies in a car safety experiment. The work was awarded a Bronze in Film: Luxury & Premium Brands.

The winning work from Mullen Lowe Group’s APAC region includes print campaigns from Lowe Indonesia for PureIt as well as Lowe Singapore’s work for 3M Scotchguard. The PureIt campaign ‘Rural’ depicts the cleaning power of PureIt in beautiful scenic imagery. The 3M Scotchguard campaign includes 3 executions, ‘Sangria’, ‘Minestrone Soup’ and ‘Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar’, showing the protective barrier the product provides against home carpets stains.  ‘Sangria’ was the awarded execution

The work was awarded:

Lowe Indonesia for PureIt:

· Silver – Print: Homes, Furnishings & Appliances

· Bronze – Print Craft, Print Craft

 Lowe Singapore for 3M Scotchguard:

· Silver – Print: Household Maintenance

Work from GGH MullenLowe