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Mr Sheen Flies Back onto UK Screens After 10 Years

Advertising Agency
London, UK
Havas reintroduces a much-loved figurehead for his first live action outing
Mr Sheen, star of the iconic 1980s campaigns for the cleaning product of the same name, returns to screens this month after an almost decade-long absence.
The character – reintroduced by Havas London’s RB team – is seen dusting off his trusty (but dusty) signature red plane in a long-abandoned hanger, on a renewed mission to banish dust from UK homes. The spot is notable for bringing the character back in live-action for the first time, after his animated self shot to fame in a series of 1980s advertising campaigns.
The ‘Back to Banish Dust’ campaign aims to increase awareness around Mr Sheen’s product range and drive market penetration in the category. Central to the £800,000 campaign is the TV spot, in which the audience will see the fully-fleshed realisation of Mr Sheen - flight suit, trusty wipes, signature bushy grey moustache, red plane and all – for the first time.
The TV spot reminds the UK of the product range’s dusting credentials - allowing them to fly through their cleaning throughout the home – and is supported by a media campaign comprising digital and in-store promotions to drive purchase of the Mr Sheen range. 

The Mr Sheen range has been given a thorough dust-down to increase the relevance of the brand by repositioning Mr Sheen as the perfect product for keeping the home dust-free. The new simplified and modernised design provides greater on-shelf impact and highlights the ranges Dust Trap technology, offering ‘2x better dust pick-up’, whilst improving the fragrance call out.
Holly McCarthy, RB UK Marketing Manager, comments" “After almost a decade, we are very excited to bring the iconic Mr Sheen character back to the TV screen, with a slick new advertising campaign as well as updating our packaging, with the overall aim of reappraising the brand for the current day. Thanks to clearer on-pack communication, we firmly believe that consumers will understand the key benefits of the range and will help with the decision-making process in store.”
Elliot Harris, Creative Director on RB at Havas, comments: “It's been a pleasure reimagining an age-old classic like Mr. Sheen. And what better way to re launch him back onto our TV screens than by bringing him to life - literally. He’s such a strong, recognisable brand asset. "Mr Sheen shines umpteen things clean!" was one of those great, quintessentially British lines. We hope audiences love the cheery reminders of the old ads from the jingle to the larger than life moustache.”
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