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MPC's Fierce First-person Rally for H&M Will Get Your Blood Pumping
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London, UK
Good Egg's Tell No One captures a labyrinthine race in new Alexander Wang x H&M ad

In a world of Mr Wang’s own design, ‘you’ the viewer is pitted against a gang of supermodels in a race to the ultimate prize. Created by H&M Redroom, the two-minute online film and TVC teasers were directed by collective Tell No One with VFX and grade from MPC. 

Partly filmed in first person, the frenetic yet stylishly chic spot was filmed in an underground theatre in Islington, its multiple tunnels and backstage alcoves the perfect setting for Alexander Wang’s labyrinth. 

The opening sequence with models including current world no.1 Joan Smalls warming up in a locker room turns competitive, as the camera transitions into first person and a CG wall of lockers opens up to reveal the entry to the maze. 

Created as one continuous camera move, the spot required multiple plate stitching from the VFX team, led by Iain Murray. “Over 70 separate plates make up the final spot, not to mention integrating the various CG elements and set extensions. There was no motion control whatsoever which made the process all the more difficult, however by keeping the filming handheld it gave the spot an energy and realism you cant recreate in the studio.” He explained. 

Brazilian beauty Isabeli Fontana managed to avoid being hit by multiple dodgeballs by being filmed at each end of the sequence. The move was then adopted by a body double, who was shot performing the acrobatic move on four separate plates before CG balls were integrated to the scene. 

The theatre contained original features, which fit perfectly for the end shot as ‘you’ abseil in to win the race. The enclaves were built up with a combination of CG and DMP to extend the set. 

Colourist Richard Fearon completed the grade, playing with light and shadow to emphasise the urban, industrial look of the film. 

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