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MPC and Travlrr Launch World's First Sustainable Automotive Production Solution

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London, UK
Automotive solution for the industry will save clients’ time and money built on the ideals of supporting a more sustainable and greener way to produce automotive content that is kinder to the planet

Today, MPC and Travlrr have joined forces to launch a Sustainable Automotive Production Solution built on the ideals of supporting a more sustainable and greener way to produce automotive content that is kinder to the planet.

Each year the global commercial production industry produces thousands of tonnes of carbon, along with thousands of tonnes of waste. This happens despite the fact that as an industry we already have the technology available to us to make the majority of all productions carbon neutral and with zero-waste. 

MPC and Travlrr’s new partnership will utilise both Travlrr’s highly curated global network and MPC’s award-winning global network of VFX talent to create lower emission productions where all carbon emissions can be offset.  

Usama Al- Qassab, chief growth officer at MPC said: “The alliance between MPC and Travlrr is a major step for MPC and our clients to create highly engaging content with zero carbon footprint. Many industries have taken great strides to use the latest technology for the benefit of future generations, we believe it is time for the advertising industry to follow suit."

The MPC and Travlrr partnership allows organisations to significantly reduce their scope three emissions associated with producing content on location and in doing so reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 8 times when compared with that of a traditional shoot. 

How it works 

MPC & Travlrr’s Sustainable Automotive Production Solutions aims to break down industry silos by applying local talent to shoot bespoke live action backgrounds and utilise state of the art technology to put CGI rubber to tarmac, with absolute realism. 

Utilising MPC’s award-winning global VFX teams to create CG vehicles, allows for limitless customisation, now or in the future. Without the need to re-shoot you can change or adapt any vehicle for another model, another colour or to any specification. 

Dafydd Upsdell, executive producer at MPC comments: “Sustainable solutions in the world of automotive production are typically hard to come by but with MPC partnering with Travlrr we have created a viable sustainable offering for all our automotive clients that we hope everyone in the industry can use and adapt as a template in order to reduce our global carbon footprint all without creative compromise.”

Planting trees back into nature 

In addition to reducing emissions, MPC and Travlrr have partnered with award-winning conservation charity Trees for Life to plant native Scottish Trees in the Caledonian Highlands for each brief commissioned to the platform. 

For each brief commissioned to the platform, MPC and Travlrr have both committed to plant trees that will sequester the equivalent of 7.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each, capturing 15 tonnes total over their lifetime*. This nature-based solution will compensate for around 9 times the emissions produced in the production measured. 

Steve Micklewright, Trees for Life’s chief executive officer, said: “This initiative from MPC and will make a real, tangible difference to our vital rewilding work, and to tackling climate change. It is wonderful news for the restoration of Scotland’s beautiful Caledonian Forest , and it will generate long-lasting benefits for woodlands, wildlife and communities.”  

Darren Khan, CEO and Founder of Travlrr adds: “This exciting Exclusive partnership with MPC is truly a global first and very relevant in today's new world. People, businesses and brands have become far more concerned about their local environment and the world we would like to live in. Sustainability is at the core to making those changes and by offering a ground-breaking production solution to the automotive industry that helps reduce marketing carbon footprints, saves time and money. Expanding creativity for content and ads should really resonate with CMO's, Investors, Shareholders and of course their customers."

MPC’s recent CGI heavy campaign for Lexus Electrified was created completely remotely through Virtual Studio Production using industry-leading gaming technology, the process was rapid, smooth and utilised real-time technology. The result is captivating, environmentally friendly, future-facing work that delivers in all respects. Technology and MPC’s Virtual Studio Production is enabling any vision to be made reality.

The Future of Making Sustainable automotive content is now 

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