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Mother at the Trampery Launches

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London, UK
A new type of experimental workspace


Today is the launch of Mother at the Trampery, a new type of experimental workspace that will be shared by innovative start-ups and blue chip companies in London’s Tech City. The space aims to bring together different organisations and individuals for the benefit of all by encouraging cross-collaboration, enabling ideas, partnerships and investment to flourish.
Mother at the Trampery is a joint venture between creative company Mother, and The Trampery, the renowned designer of co-working environments for start-up businesses. Together they have transformed over 7,000 square feet in Clerkenwell to create a unique working environment. Open for 12 months, the project will be an experiment, the only workspace in London that will bring together corporate companies to work alongside a broad range of enterprising makers and early stage companies for mutual benefit. Scale experts and high energy innovators working in close proximity, breathing the same air, drinking the same coffee.
The space will have permanent desk spaces both for innovators and people from blue chip companies, as well as a maker lab and an area for installations, workshops and performances. The entrepreneurs taking space in the building come from a range of different disciplines, but they are all ‘makers’ looking to create products. Alongside them will be people from established companies.  Mother at the Trampery will foster relationships between start-ups and blue chips through creating a space that will allow interaction to flourish as well as more formal coaching and nurturing at regular intervals. 
To mark the opening of the space, Mother at the Trampery are inviting in a number of artists and makers including Daniel Hirschmann, Rainbow Winters and James Adam from Go Free Range to showcase their innovative products including interactive digital artworks and clothing as well as a DIY open-source printer. The space will also play host to ‘Get the Money’, a popular coaching event run by Mother, MiniBarLabs and GrowthAccelerator which is designed to teach start-ups how to improve their pitch for investment. Indeed Mother at the Trampery’s anchor tenants, a rapidly growing FinTech company called Duco, are alumni from Get The Money 2012.
Mother at the Trampery will be opening in the heart of Tech City – the network of more than 1,300 digital or creative businesses and technology start-ups concentrated around Old Street roundabout. It’s an area which both Mother and the Trampery have already contributed much towards. Both companies collaborated to create the Tech City Map. Both sit on the Technology Advisory Board at 10 Downing Street. Both have hosted Royal visits to the area.
Dylan Williams, Partner from Mother said, “After fifteen years working with big blue chip companies as East London’s creative tech community blossomed around us, two things became clear. Start ups are looking to achieve scale. And big companies need to become more adept at innovation. We believe that bringing small enterprise and large corporates into the same environment to learn from each other in close proximity will prove to be mutually beneficial. Mother at the Trampery is essentially a laboratory space that looks to nurture, nudge and harness the creativity that is blooming in the local cluster. It is the East End in a microcosm. A contained experiment open to a few lucky participants who get the chance to benefit from all the good things that will happen when lots of innovative entrepreneurial minds and seasoned scale experts cohabit a space and build stuff.”
Charles Armstrong, Founder of The Trampery said “The cultural gulf between large corporations and startups is notoriously difficult to bridge. But our economic future hangs on finding sustainable ways to do so. Mother at The Trampery is a unique experiment based on taking away the familiar props of business life and combining formal and informal approaches to build deep relationships over the period of one year. Every facet of the project is an experiment from the self-funding refurbishment strategy to the just-in-time curation model. This will be an environment saturated with innovation and creativity, a space that will bring different people together around the quest to forge new ideas and scale them to the world.”
Mother at the Trampery will be open for business from 25 April, people interested in taking desk space should email 
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