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More Th>N Insurance Relaunches Brand with Fresh Fictional Frontman Mordenn Surenns

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London, UK
The ad, made by RSA, pits the calm Nordic character against financial woes and shows how we can all keep our cool at times of distress
Move over meerkats as there is a new cool character being introduced to the British public this May by insurers MORE TH>N – Mordenn Surenns.

Mordenn Surenns is the new fictional founder of MORE TH>N - an entrepreneur who epitomises the cool and calm Nordic character -   Mordenn not only puts customers before corporate nonsense, but in a series of new television adverts, the British public will see him personify MORE TH>N’s customer-centric, challenger spirit.

Mordenn’s character will mirror the values of the MORE TH>N brand showing he is cool in a crisis, credible and likeable,  but with a quirky sense of humour and ready to do MORE TH>N expected – summed up in the brand promise: We do MORE TH>N.

Originally launched in 2001, MORE TH>N – part of the RSA group – is a multi-award winning insurer offering a range of personal lines insurance products including motor, home and pet.  The last time the company ran a brand campaign on mainstream television was back in 2015, but they are probably best known for their MORE TH>N Freeman and Lucky ads from several years ago, but now they are back with a new character.

The new multi-million pound campaign will start on May 3rd and run across the summer – expect to see Mordenn everywhere from television, radio and billboards you can view the video here.

Gail Parker, marketing & distribution director, MORE TH>N: “We are excited to introduce Mordenn and our new brand promise – We do MORE TH>N.  Insurance is almost unique in the retail space as it is a brand that consumers only interact with just once a year, unless they need to make a claim.  That’s why we needed a likeable, fun character who really understands the chaos that is sometimes family life, to give real cut through to drive customer engagement in this low interest category - we are delighted at how well it has tested during development.  We have worked hard in the background to ensure our sales, service and claims are ready to deliver on our new brand promise for our customers – predominantly families who just want their lives to run as smoothly and stress free as possible.  Specifically we want customers to feel we are doing more for them and Mordenn epitomises our big hearted, empathetic spirit and can do attitude.”

Andy Booth, creative director, VCCP: “MORE TH>N was specifically launched to challenge the sector, which it’s quietly been doing for a while now. They make families lives easier by providing more than just insurance through innovation and just being decent. That’s more relevant today than it’s ever been. Mordenn, a calm bare-footed loveable giant, is the fictional founder of MORE TH>N.  He set out to offer more, by better understanding the chaos of family life, so he could actually give them what they need. Insurance - as an aid to life,  not just a transaction. And now he wants to let everybody know, as he would say, that “We do MORE TH>N”.

The new advertisements launch tonight on Wednesday May 3rd at 18.15 -You Have Been Framed, 19.45 - Coronation Street and 20.50 - Grand Desising. 
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