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Merkley+Partners Recognises Veterans Day with Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund

Advertising Agency
New York, USA
The agency honours veterans through their cause-driven and philanthropic work
Veterans Day acknowledges and honours all military personnel who have served to protect and defend our rights in America.  Full service, New York City based agency Merkley+Partners believes that supporting Veterans is not an option, but rather an obligation. And the agency has taken this belief to heart, through the cause-driven and philanthropic work that they proudly do for the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund.
Since its inception in 2014, Merkley+Partners has helped to build and support the brand and business of the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund. The Fund is a 501(c) charity that raises money to educate the children of fallen soldiers. Founded by four West Point graduates who lost a classmate, John McHugh, in Afghanistan, it was originally started to raise money to ensure that John’s five children received a college education. And The Fund has continued to help create scholarships for the children of many fallen soldiers since then. Thanks to the combined efforts of the team at Johnny Mac and Merkley+Partners, The Fund has raised over $12M and provided over 1,500 scholarships to date. The success of The Fund has been nothing short of remarkable and is just a small reflection of the gratitude the agency has for families of those who have served.

Alex Gellert, CEO of Merkley+Partners adds: “It has been our proud honour and privilege to work with the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund for this very important cause. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all that they have done for our country, this Veterans Day and every day”.
In an effort to further honour these heroes and their families, Merkley+Partners hosted Mary Ellen Picciuto, president of the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund on Veterans Day at their flagship SoHo office. Mary Ellen herself is an Army Veteran and a graduate of West Point. During her time at West Point she was one of the only women enrolled at the institution. She addressed the agency through a personal story of her military journey; a candid reflection of what it means to serve and the importance and value that the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund holds for so many. During the event, the agency also distributed poppies from The American Legion that have been hand-made by Veterans as part of their therapeutic rehabilitation. The red poppy was adopted as The American Legion’s memorial flower and it remains an iconic symbol of honour for the sacrifice of our Veterans and commemorates military personnel who died while serving the country.
Mary Ellen Picciuto, president of the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, comments: “Merkley+Partners has contributed a tremendous amount of value by collaborating with the Fund since its inception. We thank them for bringing genuine passion for the work they do to support the Fund, and for their commitment to helping us think bigger and grow year over year.”
Merkley+Partners thanks all of those who have served, to the family members of those that served, and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
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