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Melbourne Tech Start-Up FGMNT Launches New Creative Pre-Vviz Tool for Advertising Agencies
Production Company
Melbourne, Australia
Situ is available right now as a monthly or yearly subscription

Melbourne-based tech company FGMNT has launched a unique web tool for advertising agencies that streamlines the way they pitch, present and visualise ad campaigns.

FGMNT is a sister company to award-winning production company AIRBAG, and has already established itself as a leader in AR and VR, working with companies such as BMW / Imagination, Dulux, Sensis, ME Bank and Moose Toys. FGMNT is now taking its pedigree in advertising to create useful and powerful tools which help the industry streamline processes through new technologies.

The product is called 'Situ' - - and it gives agencies around the world the power to pre-vis creative in full 360° video, directly in the web browser. It's extremely powerful, but also simple to operate even for the most low-tech user.

Says Nick Wright, CEO and co-founder, FGMNT: "Having been in advertising for 12 years, we know the pain of trying to sell creative to clients completely out of context of the environment it will be consumed in. Even for the most visually minded, it's not easy to imagine. Situ removes any ambiguity and puts the power of fully informed decision making into the hands of the agency and client alike."

As well as the ability to create projects and instantly share them with clients around the world, Situ boasts an impressive library of pre shot and pre tagged 360° videos of advertising spaces both indoor and outdoor. The library currently hosts locations from around Melbourne and Sydney, plus sites from New York, Paris, London and Cannes to test creative on.

While creating a tool that is specifically suited to the needs of an agency, the Situ team worked closely with Publicis Melbourne, consulting on user needs and testing with clients to establish what is most valuable to the industry. 

Says Georgina Pownall, general manager, Publicis Melbourne: "Situ has shown us, well before we get to client presentation time, which creative we want to hero and hone, and it's super easy - it's a desktop tool we use internally."

The Publicis Melbourne team were invaluable during the development process, and the partnership has ensured the tools are focused on what a creative agency truly needs.

The tool's real value comes from its innate ability to bring the client and agency closer in their understanding of a campaign's needs, and to speed up the approval process. Situ also helps drive the creation of more effective messaging, leading to happier clients and therefore better client retention.

Says Michael Slonim, managing director, VICE Australia & New Zealand: "A client's imagination can sometimes be an elusive thing to capture. With Situ, we can hardwire straight into their brains, vividly showcasing our creative ideas to them. This can only mean more YES's, more quickly."

Situ is available right now as a monthly or yearly subscription and details on a limited introductory offer can be found at

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