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Meet the Sponsors of the LBB & Friends Beach 2022: MADAM Films

Production Services
London, UK
As the LBB Beach returns, Madam Films' Pippa Bhatt shares her Cannes essentials

Name: MADAM Films

LBB Page:


What does your company do?

UK Production Service

Who from your team will be on the beach in Cannes?

The Madams - Pip, Carly and Michelle 💖

Come and find us!

Cannes Essentials

Mode of transportation to Cannes: Flying in. Cannes travel has never been straight forward. Ask Carly about the time the entire area’s travel system went on full strike and I had my finest moment with an Uber chopper. God knows if we’ll get in or leave on time this year 🤞🤞🤞

How are you getting from the airport: Car service

Accommodation: Apartment, hotel, villa, other?: Always an apartment for the Madams- home away from home.

Cannes Bed Time: I had so many answers to this question: Sunrise , when your smile fades, about halfway through the gutter bar… maybe all three at once.

Cannes Wake Up Time: Thankfully later than at home with a gentle emergence back on the Croisette.

Top Spot for a Meeting: LBB Beach!!

Favourite Restaurant: We have a special place in our hearts for Le Pastis and one particular staff member there…

Favourite Watering Hole: Happy Hour at LBB Beach. Obvs.

Favourite Shopping destination: Rue d’Antibes for everything you could possibly need from head to toe and a whole that more that you don’t.

Best Guest List to be on: MassiveMusic, LBB Beach and I’m really interested in the Female Quotient

Tourist Site/Activity not to be missed: Once the work fun is done and you want to tag a little bit of time on for après-Cannes, I can personally recommend hiring a convertible sporty little number and head to St. Paul de Vence and the surrounding areas for a couple of days, or taking the coastal train from Nice to Monaco.

Top Cannes tip: Give as much out as you hope to receive. Don’t skimp on the water and sun cream. One year, Carly was our designated driver - she made a lot of new friends as the seats were filled leaving the villa parties, so hire an (electric) car!

Travel Essentials

‘From Home’ comfort item: Lounge pants fo-sho

First thing you do when you get to Cannes: Fill up the fridge with essentials - fruit, cheese, salad and rosé.

Cannes exercise of choice: One year I actually went running; do this before 9am, otherwise it’s too hot. But all the walking up and down the Croisette balances out my weekly quota.

Around Cannes

Top Cannes Celebrity Spot: Pass, I never see celebrities anywhere, ever.

Who would you like to meet: I love meeting anyone and everyone, Madam is a service production company based in the UK and the country partner for PSN, so any producers interested in the potential for shooting in the UK or a wider intro to PSN - I would love to say hello, welcome onto the beach or catch around town. Drop me a line

Favourite Cannes tipple/soft drink?: I’ve been alcohol free for 2.5 years and this will be my first Cannes completely AF so let’s see….Is there an AF Provence Rosé yet? If not, a sparkling limon?

Best hangover cure: Berocca and extra time in bed

LBB & Friends Beach

Best time to be on the LBB & Friends Beach: Any time is a great time!

Best spot to get your lounger on the beach: Anywhere, you’ll be in great company!