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M&C Saatchi Group Receives Over 1,300 Sign-ups for Open House Programme
Advertising Agency
London, UK
Free eight-week virtual training programme is open to absolutely anyone who wants to learn more about a career in advertising

M&C Saatchi Group has received more than 1,300 sign-ups for M&C Saatchi Open House, a new free eight-week virtual training programme open to absolutely anyone who wants to learn more about a career in advertising. 

Since launching the initiative on the 29th July, the agency has been inundated with applications from a diverse range of people from all over the world, with ages ranging from under 18 to over 55. Applicants represent a range of ethnicities and a variety of levels of previous work experience, and have multi-faceted reasons for applying.

The primary goal of the initiative is to remove barriers for people who want to break into the advertising or communications industry but have not had the support or access to do so. The programme also provides an opportunity to reach individuals that have never considered a career in advertising, acknowledging the industry hasn’t done enough to raise awareness and get ‘on their radar’. M&C Saatchi wants to encourage participation from these groups and make it clear that advertising is truly a career option for them. 

Starting on Wednesday 2nd September, M&C Saatchi Open House will offer a series of eight specially created, weekly virtual seminars, each hosted by a different M&C Saatchi expert, including CEO Camilla Kemp and Chief Creative Officer Ben Golik, sharing their knowledge on topics such as ‘How to interpret and write a creative brief’, ‘How to craft amazing ideas that transform brands’, ‘How to bring ideas to life across multiple channels’, ‘How to engage meaningfully with customers using data’ and ‘How to master the art of the pitch’.  

M&C Saatchi Open House not only offers an opportunity to be shortlisted for a future role with the agency, but it will also equip participants with an in-depth understanding of the industry and a certificate of participation that they can take with them into future applications or career choices.

To announce the launch, M&C Saatchi developed a campaign which highlights the fact that the programme really is open to anyone and everyone, aiming to truly level the playing field. The push targets specific audiences such as people returning to work after a career break, those that have lost their jobs due to Covid-19, students looking for their first job, and individuals looking for more flexible working conditions – for example, those living outside of London or looking for shorter work weeks. The campaign is running across social channels using the hashtag #opentowork, as well as on recruitment sites and online platforms reaching a broad and diverse audience, with a focus on groups who are currently underrepresented in advertising.

 Anyone interested in registering for M&C Saatchi Open House can visit Registrations close today, Wednesday 12th August.

Camilla Kemp, CEO, M&C Saatchi, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled with the response we’ve had to M&C Saatchi Open House. Not only have we had a huge volume of registrations, but we’ve also been heartened to see such a diverse range of people signing up, with many different reasons for applying. We set out to create a programme which would be accessible to absolutely anyone, so it’s fantastic that so many people, from such a variety of backgrounds, have been inspired to get involved. It’s clear that there is a real need for initiatives like this, particularly in our post-lockdown world where many are looking for work. We really hope we can help to bring a whole new raft of talent into our industry.”

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