Matthias Berndt Signs to Glassworks Productions

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The German-born director has a strong heritage in automotive filmmaking
Matthias Berndt Signs to Glassworks Productions
Glassworks Productions see in the festive period with a gift to the roster in the shape of Matthias Berndt. This addition to the directing talent at the boutique production house is a welcome one, filling what were empty boots in regards to creating beautiful car commercials. 

Matthias is a top automotive director who specialises in creating car commercials which transcend the usual boundaries of live action, implementing an impressive knowledge of CGI. He combines the two mediums to generate stunning work that seamlessly flows, engaging audiences and enveloping them in the world of each brand. German born, he is a focused, confident director with a huge appetite for adventure having worked with BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Nissan, Lamborghini, Audi, Lexus and many more. Matthias is always looking for the next challenge. 

Q> Was becoming a director something you always aspired towards?

Matthias> I grew up in the industry with being a camera assistant, editor and assistant director at first. Having worked on these basic jobs got me a deeper understanding about how to run a set and what to avoid and what to gain for. Something a film school cannot teach you… Becoming a director developed out of this, and I’ve loved for more than a decade. I love the intensity of the moments on set, and the hours of tweaking it to the best possible result in post.
Q> What has been your biggest achievement work wise?

Matthias> Every new film is my new baby and best love, where I put in all my passion.

Still, working with the ‘Jurassic World’ CG team on the dinosaur chase for JEEP was a lot of fun. It’s so cool to see the CG monsters coming alive and interacting with your actors. All these dinosaurs that we’ve all known since the first Jurassic Park movie…

Q> What do you like about being on set so much?

Matthias> I love the magic that happens when all the planning and all the team effort results in a perfect shot. Be it the perfect move with a Russian Arm through a set of 100 extras. Or the magic 10 minutes shooting with only a model and handheld camera that create half of the shots for the whole commercial.
Q> Do you have any hobbies outside of directing?

Matthias> Besides travelling the world for jobs or with my family, I love rock climbing. And many other sports that include high walls, breaking waves or deep snow. 
Q> If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Matthias> I admire Japanese food. So this would be shabu shabu. Meat and lots of healthy vegetables in a yummy broth, could you ask for more variety till the rest of your life?

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