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MassiveMusic Tokyo’s Team Members Interview Each Other

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MassiveMusic’s Japanese office gets honest about music and business, between a recording and a yoga session

MassiveMusic Tokyo’s Team Members Interview Each Other

MassiveMusic Tokyo? Brief, music, let go, repeat.

We opened our office in 2017 and so far the ride has been one for the books.

But, who are we? Who is behind all the music compositions and productions? Who works non-stop to ensure we deliver music as if there was no tomorrow? Well, we have:

  • Junya, Managing Director and Executive Producer
  • Rick, Creative Director and Composer
  • Tamon, Creative Development of APAC
  • Sayaka, PR Manager
  • Yuhki, Assistant Composer

Want to get to know us better? This time, we decided to interview each other. And no, we didn’t only talk about work. Keep on reading and let us entertain you.

Q> What’s a day in the life of Junya?

Junya> I pick up the flowers on the way to the office, work on emails while listening to my current favourite playlist on Spotify. I then talk to the team and managing projects in and out. Sometimes I work at the studio as voiceover session director communicating with clients from overseas.

Q> What’s a day in the life of Rick?

Rick> I head to the office, enjoy my drink, then slowly move over to the studio and write one or two, sometimes three songs a day.

Q> What’s a day in the life of Tamon?

Tamon> My daily routine is different from the others since I’m usually the first one to leave the office to go to meetings. My work consists of ensuring we have a smooth communication exchange with clients which requires a lot of travelling. During the day I talk to them about projects, at night I search for new opportunities.

Q> What’s a day in the life of Sayaka?

Sayaka> I grab a coffee on the way, receive flowers-of-the-day from Junya, decorate the office and keep it fresh. I do many different things, including talking to the Tokyo team about new projects as well as to the Marcom Team based in Amsterdam. I check and sort my to-do-list keeping in mind to stay flexible.

Q> What’s a day in the life of Yuhki?

Yuhki> I arrive at the office, enjoy my sandwich, start composing, arranging, looking for songs, go out to grab lunch and repeat.

Q> Working at Massive: what do you like the most?

Junya> Being surrounded by talented creative people so we can inspire each other. Also, I’m a fan of our work environment: it has a nice and cosy vibe.

Rick> Doing the right thing, which is basically blasting music and being loud.

Tamon> Having a ‘breathing room’. We all have different duties which require different attention, energy and time. We support each other instead of micromanaging one another.

Sayaka> The cosy working environment. And I mean, I get to hear talented musicians and composers playing beautiful melodies every day. Also, whenever we need help, we inform the other offices around the world and everyone is always so kind and willing to help. It feels like one big family. Last but not least, our afternoon yoga session. How could I forget that?

Yuhki> I was about to say the same. The yoga session is the cherry on top. And a great team-building activity too.

Q> What are you listening to at the moment?

Junya> The latest score from one of our composers for the project we are working on now which I won’t say because we’re not allowed to say so basically I haven’t replied to your question.

Rick>Invocation (A Prophecy)’ by Richard Bona

Tamon> My track ‘Rolling’ by Cedrics

Sayaka> So many! It depends on the situation and mood. I listen to meditation playlists when I want to focus at work but also right before going to bed, whereas I prefer to indulge in movie soundtracks when I need to motivate myself. I found myself listening to ‘Ghost Town’ by Don Cherry lately: I love the vibe. But also Billie Eilish, Tame Impala and PSYQUI – something I recently discovered thanks to Yuhki’s recommendations. I always keep my playlist up-to-date so it has my all time and most recent favourite songs.

Yuhki> Future-bass, post-classical music.