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Marine Corps Recruiting Launches Powerful 'Moments of Impact' Digital Series

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Los Angeles, USA
J. Walter Thompson Atlanta partners with animation and production company Laundry for the recruitment series
Design-driven animation and production company Laundry recently partnered with J. Walter Thompson Atlanta to provide animation for “Battles Won: Moments of Impact,” a digital series for Marine Corps Recruiting Command, which launched on their website on April 11th.

Through the battles they win, the positive impact that Marines have on individuals, communities and the Nation can be traced back to their fighting spirit, honed and sharpened by their training. Featuring the real stories of three Marines, the “A Fight to Win” short films use a mix of live-action and animation to capture the exact life-altering moment each one experienced on the battlefield or in training, which inspired them to make a positive difference, during and after their service.

The first profiles former marine recon platoon commander Jake Harriman and his U.S.-based social venture, Nuru International. Harriman founded the organisation with a mission to end extreme poverty in remote, rural areas after witnessing first-hand how some impoverished families struggle to survive in Southern Iraq. The second tells the story of active-duty infantry Marine Juan Vasquez, whose humanitarian mission during the devastation of Katrina, brought families back safely back together. Marine Corps reservist Jonathan Gillis explains the driving force for a 3D-printed drone for the modern battlefield. Born out of the Marine Corps’ barracks the drone marked a cultural shift in military innovation, as it was conceived and developed by a diverse team of Marines representing various ranks and professional backgrounds.

Alan Whitley, executive creative director for JWT, says, “The idea behind ‘A Fight To Win’ is to show that to Marines, every mission is a battle. Marines are built to fight and to win in any situation, whether that involves rifles or humanitarian aid. They care deeply about defending our Nation and its people, and these stories tell of the very human motivations that drive their service. It was especially important that we be able to depict the turning points each of these Marines experienced as they became the people they are now.”

“We worked closely with the JWT team to create animations that would enhance each story, while creating three distinct looks,” adds PJ Richardson, Laundry partner/executive creative director. “Each one features an emotional turning point, told as a flashback, and we felt that animation was an effective story device to not only go back in time narratively, but also to stylistically make those moments dark and painterly, especially since two of those memories were more somber in nature. We combined illustration, 2D, 3D, and frame-by-frame animation to capture the true impact of these backstories.”

For the Harriman story, an oil painting-inspired look spoke to the tension of being in Iraq during the war; by going dark and gestural, the animation complemented the chaos and sadness of that particular moment of impact. Additionally, by leaning more into silhouettes, the effect was similar to a memory -- somewhat vague and confusing due to the violent nature of the story.

For the Vasquez short, Laundry went for a more muted, gritty and graphic look to convey the stormy nature and hopelessness wrought by Hurricane Katrina. Finally, for the Gillis story, the team created a cleaner, more colorful graphic approach, which spoke to the technical aspect of the story, as well as to reflect the tone of optimism and innovation in the piece. 

Check out more of the 'Fight to Win' videos on the Marine Corps Recruiting Command site.
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