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ManyPets and Uncommon’s Humorous Film Series Shows the Many Jobs of Pets
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New films directed by James Rouse showcase all the ways our pets look after us

ManyPets, the award-winning cat and dog insurance brand, launched the next stage of its new campaign ‘Insure your happiness’ with a series of alternate ending films created by Uncommon.

The films follows an outdoor campaign, launched earlier this month, which brought to life the idea that pets are more than just a companion — they make us better people. The series of posters detailed the results of research commissioned by ManyPets which showed the various ways pets help our happiness and improve our mental and physical wellbeing. From wellness instructors (96% of people said their pet makes them happier) to trainers (88% of pet parents saying their pet makes them more active).

To show this insight further, Uncommon created a series of films directed by James Rouse through Biscuit Filmworks — this is the first project Rouse has directed since joining the production company. The films plays on the narrative that pets make everything better.

The story centres around a pet owner in what appears to be a therapy appointment. We focus on our patient with tears in her eyes, reclined back on a brown leather therapist sofa.

As the film continues it becomes clear her headspace has changed, and she is able to see her previous problems from a different, clearer perspective. She holds the therapist’s gaze whilst thanking them for their help and support.

At that moment, the camera cuts to reveal the therapist… her pet. In the series, we see nine different pets, each with their own unique personality, looking back at her from the opposite chair, to show just how much of an impact and care our pets can give us.

Ryan Wheaton, ManyPets’ global creative director said: “We wanted to make something that stands out in ad breaks, and connects more emotionally with pet parents. The team at Uncommon have cleverly captured each pets’ natural empathy, and brought memorable, adorable humour to our screens.”

The films will run with nine alternate endings across AV and social throughout July and August in a bid to surprise viewers with each different pet ending.

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