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Magnum Ice Cream Partners with Magnum Photos in a Global Exploration of Pleasure

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Madrid, Spain
LOLA MullenLowe created the limited-edition book called 'Magnum by Magnum'
Photography, that comes from the Greek roots phōs and graphé, essentially meaning drawing with light. 
In this exclusive collaboration between Magnum ice cream and Magnum photos, pleasure is taken out of the dark and into the light where its meaning celebrates those who go beyond judgments and live their true pleasure as if nobody is watching.

Magnum ice cream has always been an ambassador for pleasure, but their definition of pleasure goes way beyond ice cream and even transcends photography in this singular expression of creativity and freedom. 

Gregory Lecomte, global brand manager for Magnum, said: “This partnership is the first step for Magnum ice cream to establish its new brand signature 'True To Pleasure'. In today’s world, too often people are holding back from being true to who they are and what they love to do because of the fear of being judged by others. But at Magnum we believe that the very best pleasures only come when we feel free and liberated to let go and indulge fearlessly in the moment. We want to inspire people through creative expression to overcome the fear of judgement and be true to pleasure.” 

The brand worked with the legendary photographic agency Magnum Photos to create an exclusive, limited edition book that shows a broad spectrum of what pleasure means in 40 magical images taken by some of the world´s most renowned photographers; Alex Majoli, Alex Webb, Bruno Barbey, Chien-Chi Chang, Chris Steele-Perkins, Christopher Anderson, Constantine Manos, Cristina Garcia Rodero, David Alan Harvey, Eli Reed, Ian Berry, Jonas Bendiksen, Martin Parr, Matt Stuart, Nikos Economopoulos, Olivia Arthur, Steve McCurry and Thomas Hoepker.

The first book was revealed at the Magnum Pleasure store in London earlier this autumn and the full collection of images can be viewed online. 

To get a physical copy of the book, participants can share an image of their true pleasure with the hashtag #truetopleasure on Instagram. A jury of photo editors will review the images and the top five will each be sent the book free of charge. 

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