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MacGuffin Films Welcomes Tabletop Director Marie Constantinesco

Production Company
New York, USA
Constantinesco brings a contemporary approach to the leading tabletop production company
Premiere tabletop commercial production company MacGuffin Films adds more flavor to its roster with the addition of Marie Constantinesco who represents the next generation in tabletop direction, and who further diversifies the Manhattan-based studio with a contemporary approach and a delicate yet visually stimulating sensibility.

As the global audience’s interest in the culinary arts continues to grow, the culture of larger corporations is following suit in its desire to exquisitely display ingredients and food preparation. Constantinesco celebrates this food conversation in her work, bringing to light an indelible knack for showcasing the enjoyment of the cooking process and the quality of the products used within the advertising space.

“We are capturing a found moment that might happen in your own kitchen. Today, it’s more appetizing and unique to highlight genuine and authentic experiences that are personally relevant rather than the dreamlike sequences that were once fundamental to food photography,” says Sam Wool, Executive Producer of MacGuffin Films. “Bringing Marie onboard means being able to offer yet another expert in food photography; one whose work is equally as impressive technically and visually as Nick and Kevan, and who brings her own intimate approach to storytelling.”

Constantinesco currently directs the web series My Life In Sourdough, and has most recently created work for Le Crueset and Penguin Books. Her short film Little Revolutions was nominated for Best Short Film at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2013, and her photography and writing has been published in Interrupt Mag, Honest Cooking and Food & Wine Magazine.

“My passion for cuisine is what drives my creative process and being able to work with such incredible talent at MacGuffin is a bit of a dream come true,” says Constantinesco. “There are similar moments that happen when we all cook, which is becoming more and more of a shared experience. It is exciting to be part of such a momentous trend of people and now larger companies expressing their love of food.”

MacGuffin’s body of work is among the most impressive in the tabletop industry, with Bean and Fuglestad leading campaigns for brands such as McDonald’s, Chilis, Starbucks, Guinness, Pepperidge Farms, Budweiser, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse and Carlsberg, to name a few.

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