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Lysol Launches 'Teddy Repair' Initiative to Protect Children's Most Beloved Possessions

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The Teddy Repair sweepstakes will give customers the chance to have their stuffed animals repaired and sanitised
A child’s attachment to their favorite stuffed toy is unwavering. These little creatures get loved to pieces – literally – and a stuffed animal’s constant presence in a child’s life can lead to it becoming one of the grossest items in the home. To help protect the special bond that exists between children and their stuffed animals, Lysol is launching the Teddy Repair initiative, giving parents the tools they need to fix and sanitize their children’s stuffed friends. 

Lysol knows that while stuffed animals get extremely gross over time, it can be difficult for parents to clean and sanitize them if they’re tattered and falling apart. That’s why it’s launching a sweepstakes as part of this initiative, to fix even the most worn stuffed animals. 

From now through April 23, Lysol is accepting entries for the Teddy Repair sweepstakes, as it seeks to identify the stuffed animal that is in need of the most care – whether it’s tattered from years of use or in need of sanitization after being passed down by previous generations. Once identified, Lysol will repair and sanitise this stuffed animal, along with up to 500 others submitted by parents nationwide. Since many children and their stuffed friends are attached at the hip, each stuffed animal that Lysol repairs will be outfitted with a custom RFID-equipped tracking bracelet that allows parents and their children to track it during every step of the repair process. Visit the Lysol website for full sweepstakes rules and submission information. 

To help parents repair and sanitize their children’s stuffed animals at home, Lysol has also partnered with DIY expert Mandi Gubler, who will provide tips, tricks and DIY hacks for at-home teddy repair. 

“As a mom and DIYer, repairing items around the home is something I do daily, but it takes on added importance when I’m fixing something for my children,” said Mandi Gubler, blogger, DIY expert, and mom. “I’m so excited to be partnering with Lysol on the Teddy Repair initiative to create DIY tips that parents can use to fix and sanitize their children’s stuffed friends.” 

At the heart of Teddy Repair is Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, a one-of-a-kind product that is safe to use on delicate items and kills 99.9% of bacteria that regular detergents leave behind. “Lysol Laundry Sanitizer is specially designed to kill bacteria and sanitize many of the items that we wear and touch daily, including those that are near and dear to children. Our Teddy Repair initiative will help parents across the country strengthen the bond that children share with their stuffed toys,” said Ferran Rousaud, Lysol marketing director. “With the Teddy Repair sweepstakes and DIY tips from Mandi, parents will be empowered to further protect those they love the most.”
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