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Lowe SSP3 Colombia Wins D&AD Black Pencil

Advertising Agency
São Paulo, Brazil
Lowe and Partners Agencies also awarded three Yellow Pencils


Lowe and Partners Colombian agency, Lowe SSP3, has won a coveted D&AD Black Pencil. The only Black Pencil to be awarded at last night’s D&AD Awards. The winning campaign is ‘Rivers of Light’ for the Colombian Ministry of Defence – also awarded a Cannes Titanium Lion in June.  
Rivers of Light is the latest in Lowe SSP3’s long running anti-terrorism campaign, dedicated to encouraging demobilisation from Colombia’s FARC guerrilla faction, who has been in conflict with the Colombian government for over 60 years. The campaigns have won a multitude of awards around the world. 
Earlier in the year D&AD awarded its Yellow Pencils and an earlier campaign in the series, ‘Operation Christmas’ won one yellow pencil and ‘Rivers of Light’ the second.  ‘Operation Christmas’ was one of 2011’s most awarded campaigns in both creative and effectiveness. A haul which included a Jay Chiat Grand Prix for Strategic Excellence and an IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix. 
President of both Lowe SSP3 & Lowe’s Global Creative Council, Jose Miguel  Sokoloff said: “Lowe and Partners had a great night. 3 Yellow pencils and the only Black Pencil given out is a mighty good showing at D&AD. Being here in London to receive Colombia’s first ever black pencil, maybe even for Latin America is a great honour. I have never felt so proud of my team and their work.”
303 Lowe Australia also won a Yellow Pencil for its IKEA ‘Rent’ campaign – the agency also picked up a Spikes Asia Grand Prix earlier this week in Singapore. 
Tony Wright, Chairman of Lowe and Partners added: “Congratulations to D&AD on their 50th Anniversary. The Lowe network is very proud of the work our Colombian colleagues have done to play a part in encouraging demobilised FARC Guerrillas to re-join society. To be awarded the only Black Pencil given out last night is a well deserved honour for this brave and important body of work. I’m very pleased that 303 Lowe was also recognized for its IKEA campaign – they too have had a great week having also picked up a Spikes Asia Grand Prix on Tuesday in Singapore.”  
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