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Lowe Lintas Showcases Xiaomi Smart TV’s Best-In-Class Features through a Quirky Campaign
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Mumbai, India
Campaign from agency's Bangalore office is built around the life of a father-son duo

Xiaomi TV, India’s leading Smart TV brand has launched a multi-film campaign conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Bangalore. The campaign highlights Xiaomi Smart TV’s best-in-class hardware features like Vivid Picture Engine, Slim Bezel-less Design, and Dolby Audio, along with Patchwall – India’s most popular content aggregation platform on Smart TVs.

The Pandemic has seen a spiking demand for home entertainment as people spend more time at home, and such a demand has become synonymous with increasing Smart TV adoption. India has always been a lucrative market for Televisions. With an existing base of non-smart TV customers looking to upgrade, the country holds great potential for the growth of the Smart TV segment. Improving technical specifications and highly competitive prices have further driven the growth of the category – of which Xiaomi already holds a lion’s share.

What truly makes a TV smart is the combination of hardware and software, and this is the USP of Xiaomi’s Smart TV that the campaign films aim to highlight. The campaign leans on the insight that every household has someone who has the final word on all things technology – usually a teenager who is Gadget Guru of the house; and they don’t just understand technology well, but can also simplify the workings of it in layman’s terms for the rest of the family. The campaign’s objective is to make Xiaomi the default choice for Smart TV buyers and further increase the brand’s market share in the Smart TV segment.

Kris Lukose, marketing lead – TV, Xiaomi India, said: “Over the last four years, we at Xiaomi have been working relentlessly towards our commitment to make great smart TV technologies accessible to everyone. As a result, we’re the number one smart TV brand in the country today with huge prevalence across diverse consumer groups in India. We are proud to have played an instrumental role in driving Smart TV adoption in India by offering consumers a deep integration of hardware and software on all our devices.

The software on a smart TV is a key differentiator today with changing media consumption habits. And so with this campaign we want to push consumers to really question how smart is their smart TV really. With PatchWall on our smart TVs and its inherent premium features like Universal Search, IMDb ratings, Kids Mode and much more, we’re certain Xiaomi TVs are the smartest of all smart TV offerings today.”

Lowe Lintas Bangalore has built this campaign around the life of a father-son duo in every film; the son uses features of Patchwall to help his dad come out of sticky situations. The films produced by Lintas C:EX feature Manish Chaudhary in the father's role and Prit Kamani playing the son. Three unique features of the Patchwall are highlighted in the films – Universal Search, Kids Mode and IMDb Ratings.

Talking about the campaign, Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas said: “In a world where people only look at the hardware features in a smart TV, what actually makes a TV a smart one is the software behind it. In this case, Xiaomi’s Patchwall software is the brain of the TV and its amazing features make it a truly smart TV. The clarity in the brief led us to crafting a campaign that was both simple yet engaging. While the stories are based on the features, we wanted to ensure the overall communication doesn’t become just functional. Hence the idea of the father son duo was cracked. This helped us package all the functional information in a fun storytelling format.”

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