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Lowe Lintas Presents the Perfect Partner to Your Coffee for Britannia
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Mumbai, India
Britannia kicked off the campaign with a ‘leaked video’ of Indian filmmaker and TV personality Karan Johar

Britannia solved the #CoffeeKaBetterHalf dilemma that was causing widespread paranoia and much anticipation amongst netizens last week. The Foods Major did this by launching the all-new Britannia Biscafe, a coffee flavoured cracker that elevates your coffee drinking experience.  

Infused with the flavour of rich coffee, this super thin, light & crunchy biscuit offers coffee lovers the perfect companion to their cuppa. Choose to have it as a stand-alone shot of crunchy coffee, that’s fine too. 

Britannia kicked off the campaign with a ‘leaked video’ of Karan Johar. It is no mystery that Karan Johar aka KJo is one of the most quirky, fashionable directors that has a strong affinity for Coffee. The video showed Karan losing his cool, as he was denied his favourite cup of coffee… why? Well, because coffee had gone on strike! The video went viral and speculation ran wild about what the possible reasons could be! 

The next video in the series, had Karan deeply empathising with Coffee’s trauma of being treated like the third wheel and vowing to find Coffee its better half! 

The 3rd video had Karan Johar filtering through endless suggestions on the perfect accompaniment for coffee, brainstorming on potential pairs, and optimum flavour profiles brought together by numerous influencers and netizens on a quest to ease coffee’s pain of feeling incomplete. 

When nothing rang a bell, Karan picks up the phone on Britannia’s managing director Varun Berry’s and implores him to find the right partner to Coffee! 

And that’s how Britannia Biscafe was launched. The Wafer-thin Cracker with the richness of coffee was created by Britannia to be the new OG cracker for the current generation. 

Commenting on the launch of Biscafe, Amit Doshi, chief marketing officer, Britannia Industries said: “Britannia has consistently worked to provide the most delicious and satiating snacking alternatives to over a billion Indians. Keen listening in on social media food conversations pointed to an opportunity area. Coffee didn’t have the perfect accompaniment, and that was the inspiration for Biscafe. We developed Biscafe as the first ‘Made in India’ coffee cracker to serve as a snack accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee, thereby elevating the coffee experience.”

Speaking on the launch of the digital campaign, Aayush Vyas, vice-president, integrated solutions at Schbang Digital Solutions said: "Coffee completes our daily lives - our morning breakfast, our dates, our business meetings - but who completes Coffee? That’s where Britannia Biscafe comes in. For this unique product - we had to weave an equally unique narrative that personified Coffee and its “feelings”!

When you think about Coffee there is only one person who comes to our mind - Karan Johar! And that's exactly how everything came to fit in so seamlessly, and we found our #CoffeeKaBetterHalf - BisCafe!"

Talking about the new TVC, Sagar Kapoor, chief creative officer, Lowe Lintas said: “This was an opportunity to do something very different in the biscuit category since Biscafe is also a first-of-its-kind in the category. To bring out the product attributes in an interesting way, we came up with the idea of creating a holistic communication approach starting with using Karan Johar because of his strong association with coffee and a visual device of dominos to add some freshness. For Britannia, a brand that has dominated tea and biscuit time, this will definitely create a new consumption occasion, with coffee!”

Starting at Rs 10, the all new BisCafe packs are already available across metro markets across all the standard price points in various pack sizes.