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Lowe Lintas Bangalore Celebrates the Relationship Between Father and Daughter

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Mumbai, India
The heartwarming new Tanishq campaign sees fathers giving their daughters away in marriage

Universally, a father’s relationship with his daughter has always been precious. This is especially true in a country like India where a father’s love is more intense because of the culture being followed where he eventually has to “give her away” in marriage. A wedding thus becomes not only the most important occasion for the bride, but it also becomes the most important duty for the bride’s father. This becomes his best chance to express his love for his daughter.

Understanding this very emotion, Tanishq crafted “Rivaah” which is a union of the words “Riwaaz” and “Vivaah”. With Tanishq’s tradition of craftsmanship, Rivaah has been created to appeal to both brides and mothers through traditional bridal designs in a contemporary manner.

To capitalise on this bond shared between the father-daughter duo and also highlight ‘Rivaah’, jewellery brand Tanishq has unveiled its latest brand film in India. The campaign thought stems from the insight that a father always wants the best for his daughter. With this in mind, Lowe Lintas Bangalore conceptualised the film that captures how every father re-connects with the emotions that he has towards his daughter.

Sharing her thoughts on the new launch, Deepika Tewari- General Manager, Marketing, Tanishq said, “Every father in the world wants the best for his daughter and for her wedding day to be the most special day of her life. The launch of Rivaah is our endeavor to ensure that every father can give his daughter the best wedding jewellery as she begins a new chapter in her life. Every piece from the collection embodies the promise of Rivaah – to give the bride the best in terms of design, value and purity at competitive pricing."

The film, that has been launched both online and offline, captures intimate moments between brides and their fathers showing how every father irrespective of his culture, occupation or location reacts to his daughter’s wedding. Different facets of a father--daughter relationship is captured through beautiful portrayal of different community weddings.

Commenting on the campaign thought, Hari Krishnan, President - Lowe Lintas Bangalore said, “There are many Indias within India and there are many cultures, sub-cultures, traditions, beliefs and rituals especially when it comes to weddings. Our attempt has been to reinforce the fact that Tanishq understands this diversity and showcase ‘Rivaah’ as a collection that is relevant for brides from different parts of the country.”

Highlighting the creative thought process behind the campaign, Arun Iyer, CCO, Lowe Lintas said, “As easy as it is to know that a father and daughter bond is always unique and strong, depicting it is equally difficult. We found six different insightful situations to highlight the singular feeling of love a father has for his daughter. And we’re glad we were able to capture this beautiful bond no matter which region the setting was in.”

Adding his comments, Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas Bangalore said, “This campaign was extremely exciting and challenging at the same time. Even though we had to show the different cultural nuances of various communities, we had to find a singular emotion that cuts across all. And we landed on the everlasting love a father has for his daughter. We felt that it would be quite unique to show the same love in various different ways. Which is why we portrayed the mixed emotions that a father feels on his daughter’s wedding day. Hope every father finds one he relates to.”

The campaign has gone live on social channels and will be played across other popular offline platforms too.  

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