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Loski and Stormzy Cover the Night Shift for Cinematic Video 'Flavour'
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London, UK
Not for the lactose intolerant, Bullion's João Retorta directs the video across two days in North London

"Ok miss, what's your flavour?"

Cruising the streets of London, Bullion's João Retorta directs Loski and Stormzy in a cinematic new music video for hit 'Flavour'. Concept conceived by João and Stormzy, entrepreneurial pair Loski and Stormzy star as delivery men making a series of special ‘flavour’ deliveries during a night shift. The video was shot on location in North West London over the course of two days.

Director João Retorta said of the work: "I think the most interesting challenge was taking the artists out of their comfort zone in making a video that is heavier on acting and character. It was interesting to work with the guys in that sense, to fully immerse ourselves in the characters and world that we were creating. We asked a lot from them. They are both featured on every scene, almost every shot of the video."

The idea for the video started as a direct reaction to Stormzy's brief that we were sent by Dan Curwin over a year ago. The brief mentioned that Stormzy wanted to make something about ice cream and flavours, which reminded me of Cheech & Chong's stoner classics. My idea started by wanting to make a sort of reverse homage to the films. Instead of seeing ice cream vendors dealing weed, we see what seems to be something dodgy when in reality is just two guys running an ice cream business. That was the starting point of the concept, that was then developed together by myself and Stormzy (aka Floyd Sorietu). As for other inspirations and influences I watched Spike Lee's Clockers a few times whilst prepping the shoot. Fincher was a big one too, even though you can't probably tell it in the final product.

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