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Lewis Cater Directs Press To Meco Promo

Production Company
Chicago, United States
Radar-sourced video has a 70s horror feel


Radar-sourced music video for Press To Meco directed by Lewis Cater.  The video has a 70's horror feel, it's sick, it's brutal, and it includes a death scene.
Lewis' excitement for the video was pushed further after receiving full support from the band, they were willing to go further with the "B-Movie/Grindhouse" style. Below Lewis goes further into detail on the video was put together.
What you have achieved. 
"Affinity" was such an exciting video to work on, i've never made a video anything like this before. It's brutal, it's gritty and i've even managed to make someone sick whilst asking an opinion on one of the scenes. 
How close was the video to the initial treatment
"The video is actually slightly different to the original treatment idea. After speaking and meeting with the band we developed a whole new concept which was based around a "B-Movie/Grindhouse" style. The band told me the song is actually written about people eating people so we decided that we wanted to make a horror film that is brutal and gritty but with a British twist. I put forward the idea about a hansel and gretel style plot involving a British farm and human meat. It kind of fitted in with the current horse meat crisis and we went with it!"
How do you feel with the end result
"I am very happy with the end result. The band are extremely creative and were open to so many ideas, this really helps with a project like this. As much as I am a fan, I have never had the chance to make anything in the horror genre before, this was really rewarding for myself."
What you enjoyed most with the making the video.
"Graham at Incredible Management and the Press To Meco boys were a pleasure to work with. Other than that a personal highlight for me whilst shooting was the final "killing" scene in this video. We had 6 different people squirting blood at our actress Julie Gower, it was absolutely ridiculous but gave the exact effect we wanted."
Graham from Incredible Management commissioned the video, and was more than impressed with the work from Lewis.
"We approached Radar with a very loose brief for a video to accompany the release of 'Affinity' by South London based band Press To Meco. Radar has always been a great tool for us and once again it didn't disappoint, with more than 10 treatments coming in over a two week period.
Having opted to work with Lewis Cater, the band formed a great working relationship with a great video director who more than delivered on every level. The 'Affinity' video has since premiered on Front magazine, gaining a great deal of exposure for our artist and setting things up nicely for the Press To Meco E.P. release on 27 May."
Director, Producer, Editor: Lewis Cater
Camera Operator: Phil Berridge
Management: Graham @ Incredible Management
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