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Leo Burnett India Launches New Memory Sharing Platform for HDFC Life

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#MemoriesForLife allows customers to leave behind messages for their loved ones

HDFC Life and Leo Burnett have taken a strong step towards providing a new digital platform to customers, enabling them to leave behind more than just money.

The digital platform called #MemoriesForLife allows the man of the house to record little anecdotes, words of wisdom and life lessons, so that he continues to guide his loved ones in his absence.

The idea comes from the customer understanding that, often, a lot is left unsaid in the strife for securing the future of loved ones. Here’s how it works: Record your message on the #MemoriesForLife platform, set the date and time you want your loved one to receive it and HDFC Life is committed to ensure its delivery.

This is a strategic move to shift insurance from a transactional space to an emotional space, and to remind the man of the house that he means a lot more to his family than just money.

This digital platform will be launched via an integrated campaign designed for both offline and online media.

With this, Leo Burnett continues to create acts and solutions that trigger a larger and much sought-after change for brands.

The agency’s idea to roll this digital platform out received an instant nod from the leading life insurance company, making it the first ever brand in the banking and insurance category to pass on ‘memories’, helping the hard to replace man leave behind much more than his financial legacy.

Sanjay Tripathy, Senior EVP, Head Marketing, Products, Digital & Ecommerce, HDFC Life, says, “We at HDFC Life believe that today’s hard-to replace individuals are far more important to their families than just their financial legacy. With #MemoriesForLife, we have made a strategic move to shift life insurance from a transactional space to a more emotional one in the form of a time capsule. Also, this bolsters our position as a leader in the digital space improving the online end-to-end customer experience. Most of all, #Memories ForLife’ is a new opportunity for us to reinforce our brand promise of ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo’ in our customers’ lives where they can record life’s little and big lessons to help their loved ones lead a life of pride forever.”

The brand film narrates the story of a young successful executive who forgoes a business trip to Singapore to spend his special day, his birthday with his mother. It is later revealed that it was watching a poignant video of his father’s words of wisdom, recorded when he was 17 years old (10 years back), that propelled him towards this different path. The narrative emphasizes the power of the individual to guide his family through life’s many challenges, even in his absence.

RajDeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, says, “For HDFC Life, this year we are helping them launch a new product in form of a strong engagement platform. Memories for Life is a great example of how we are pushing the bar in bringing innovation, co-creation and creative thinking together to build HumanKind brands. Our idea was to bring HDFC Life’s Sar Utha Ke Jiyo philosophy into practice. In our busy lives we often lose out on special moments with our loved ones. This film subtly reminds us about that, without losing the Sar Utha Ke Jiyo lens of the brand.”

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