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LBB Makes Country-Specific News Available in One Click

London, UK
LBB can now be read via country specific editions - a clever new way to hone in on local news that is read about and promoted globally
A truly global and free-to-read platform for the advertising and creative industries, LBB has always sought to be the one place where you can stay up to date with news - as well as learn about the most exciting work, people and brands both globally and locally. Since its inception, every piece of news and work uploaded to LBB has been carefully tagged to allow readers to hone in on the exact locations, sectors, topics and businesses that they want to read about. We have been hailed a fame factory for some businesses and today's soft launch marks the next step in making our news more intuitive, powerful and easy to read than ever.

At the click of a button you can now direct yourselves to a selection of purpose made local editions for each country. Gone are the days when you need to flock to a once-a-year event to find out what is happening in the world. Now you can do so everyday all in one place.

When you visit, there is now an option in the top right hand corner labelled ‘international’. If you select the arrow in the right hand corner of the box you can now select country specific editions.

As a part of the soft launch, nine different country editions have already been created with sponsorship from local associations and key business partners who want to put a global spotlight on the work, talent and brands in the following countries: 

USA Edition - Great Guns 
UK Edition - MassiveMusic London 
Germany Edition - Rekorder 
Canada Edition - FRANK Content 
Ukraine Edition - Pepelatz
Ireland Edition - The Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland
United Arab Emirates Edition - Big Kahuna
Lebanon Edition - Big Kahuna
Saudi Arabia Edition - Big Kahuna

These sponsors have been carefully hand picked to work with us in each region, with the ultimate aim being to cover every country in the world.

Here’s one we made earlier. This is our USA edition, sponsored by Great Guns. By selecting ‘USA’ you will find a purpose-made publication just for this country. 

CEO of LBB, Matt Cooper, comments: “We are extremely proud to launch local editions of LBB. We have done this for many reasons, but the main driver is to help markets in every country showcase their creative output not only locally, but to the world. Over the last 10 years we have listened very closely to what agencies, production companies and associations really need. One of the big challenges many countries face is that they want to show the world the best creative that they produce - as well as those in their own market. What’s more is they learn from and are inspired by other markets. But the challenge is that local publications don’t cover international work and when companies are covered, they’re not read about outside of their respective countries. 

"Many started to use LBB to be read about internationally - and we’ve successfully started to help countries put their creativity on the map - and we are SO proud of that. Now we want to deliver something that not only allows news and work to be seen on our international platform, but for a user to, in a split second, hone in on content from selected countries. Essentially we have created local publications that we can work with each market on, to raise their profiles globally. It really is the most exciting thing we have ever worked on and we're thrilled to have such great companies coming forward to support us with these local editions.”

If you would like to find out how to become an advocate for a country edition on LBB, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with

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