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LBB & Friends Beach: How to Get into Cannes’ Most Happening Beach Club

London, UK
There’s no avoiding it, Cannes Lions 2017 is closer than you think, so make sure you’re sorted for the LBB & Friends Beach
The LBB & Friends Beach at Cannes is the highlight of our year. It’s a chance for us to celebrate offline with the people we work with all through the year, and for our sponsors to party with the people they’ve worked so hard with.

Over the years, the beach has become the place to socialise and network – and enjoy a paddle in the heavenly Mediterranean Sea – during Cannes Lions. During the day, people hold meetings or simply spontaneously bump into existing friends and collaborators-to-be. And then there’s Happy Hour, where the wine and beer flows and… well… what happens in Cannes stays in Cannes. Ish.

So how can you get access to the LBB & Friends Beach? Every LBB member company will get some invites, so if you’re already part of the LBB community you should have heard from us already, or will be hearing from us soon.

On top of that, our co-hosts get the opportunity to invite their own special guests. After all, they’re the people who help us make sure the beach actually happens!

Please check your spam folders just in case the invites have been caught up by party-pooping filters. In fact, it's an idea to add to your safe sender list (and as well as making it easier to get your LBB invite, it will also make it easier to get other Cannes event and party invites that also use Eventbrite).

If you’ve not received an invite on behalf of our co-hosts or through your LBB membership and you’d like to get access you can sign up for LBB membership here.

If you have received an invite, please make sure you respond via Eventbrite. That will speed up the process down at the beach. Once at Cannes you will be able to come to the beach, show your Eventbrite pass and receive your wristband.

The LBB & Friends Beach runs from June 20-23, 10:30am till 6pm. We’ll be taking over the ‘Croisette Beach’, which sits just between the Carlton Hotel and Martinez Hotel. For more information, head here

And, of course, many thanks to our co-hosts who help us make the whole event possible: 
Adobe, ARRI Rental, Best Ads on TV, Burger Films, Butter Music & Sound, CHEAT, Chesterfield Insurance Brokers, Cutters Studios, Focus Music, The Good Film Company, Honeycomb, ITB Worldwide, Jungle Studios, Kapagama, London International Awards, MADAM, MCA Ltd, Native Music, NMR, Rushes, Sawt, Tantor Films, Taylor James, Trizz and ZOO Digital. These are the people to thank!

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