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Lawn Tennis Association Asks 'U IN?' with a Rallying Call to Arms

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London, UK
The&Partnership teams up with Agile's Zac Ella on energetic campaign

Today, the LTA and The&Partnership launch U IN? 🎾, a rallying call-to-arms to people of all ages, sizes, cultures, and skills, to get outside and play tennis. After a year where more people have picked up tennis rackets than ever before, the LTA aims to trigger a nationwide chain reaction, inspiring the public to take up tennis wherever they can, by seeing the entire world as their court. The campaign follows the launch of their brand platform ‘Play Your Way’ last summer – a commitment to opening tennis up to the nation. ‘Play Your way’ is an enduring creative platform for the LTA, designed to challenge the misconceptions of tennis and instead make it an inclusive invitation to people of all abilities everywhere to pick up a racket and have some fun.

The campaign features a high-energy thirty second film which opens on a young woman heading down a lively high street – a slice of modern Britain – when phone notifications begin to ping from all directions. She is suddenly challenged by a man springing from the barber shop, hair half-cut, and a tennis racket in hand. He’s ready. At the same time, a text message from her phone appears, asking: ‘U IN? 🎾’.  It’s game on.

From there, the film follows a frenzy of bouncing tennis balls and eager locals, wanting to play anywhere and everywhere. They’re not bothered about being brilliant; they’re just enjoying the sport in their own way. Everyone is catching tennis fever, from a duo of schoolgirls, the local postman, right the way through to YouTuber and entertainer, Chunkz. With quick-cut montages, and out-of-this-world camera angles, it is the ultimate celebration of the sport – all to the beat of a tennis ball.

The campaign encompasses TV, VOD, OOH, DOOH, digital and social. The TV advert airs on Friday 18th June. It was created by The&Partnership and shot by director, Zac Ella at Agile Films. The concept that ‘everything’s a net’ will be amplified further across social throughout summer.

Richard Daish, marketing and commercial director, LTA said: “After launching our brand platform ‘Play Your Way’ last year, ‘U, IN? 🎾’ will help accelerate LTA’s efforts to open tennis up. The campaign is fully inclusive and leads with a clear invitation to people of all backgrounds and skill levels, to get out there this summer and socialise again through playing tennis their way!”

Yan Elliott, joint executive creative director, The&Partnership London commented: “U IN?’ is such an energetic and diverse creative platform that we’ve used throughout every channel and touchpoint in this campaign. It’s been great fun to continue to re-write the rules of tennis again this year.”

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