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LatinWorks & Ericson Core's Poignant Moments

Production Company
Los Angeles, USA
Wild Plum Director's campaign for Chevy Silverado
For a poignant new campaign for Chevy Silverado, ad agency LatinWorks turned to Director/DP Ericson Core of Wild Plum. The two spots, "Big Red" and "In Trouble," focus on real bonding moments between fathers and sons.
"Big Red" opens on a young boy who pulls his red wagon full of blocks around his neighbourhood, using them to fill cracks along the sidewalks and walls.
With a laser-like focus on his repair work, he makes his way down the street, nodding and waving at friendly neighbours and deliverymen. The boy's eyes suddenly light up upon seeing his dad and his red Chevy truck, filled with bricks, parked in the driveway. As the two embrace, the touching spot concludes with the tagline, "Chevy runs deep."
"In Trouble," a father is clearly upset with his two sons, who are completely covered in mud in the backseat of his Chevy truck. Seeing the remorse in their eyes, he has a change of heart and decides to play himself, off-roading with his Chevy through the mud - to his boys' delight. In the end, father and sons have a blast rinsing off the truck and each other in the driveway.
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Core had previously collaborated with LatinWorks on a campaign for Lowe's and was excited to work with the agency again.
"This campaign was not a hard sell about the quality or performance of the truck," explains Core. "It was about creating an emotional connection, and capturing those special moments in life that we experience as parents and kids. I found these stories so wonderful, and really loved where the agency was going. These are sweet powerful stories, but we wanted them to feel genuine, not sappy."
To achieve this, Core and the creatives downplayed the performances, focusing instead on finding the real moments between the actors and documenting them.
"I deeply connected with the story in 'Big Red,'" concludes Core. "My 7-year-old son loves to build, and it always brings a tremendous smile to my face when he wants to help or work with me. We're completely immersed in this earnest young boy's world until we reveal his father in the driveway, and the metaphor of the red truck and wagon. For both spots, it was less about complex effects or sugarcoating, and more about quality storytelling -- allowing the actors to explore and find the authenticity in simple performances."
Client: General Motors / Chevy
Spot Titles: "Big Red" & "In Trouble"
Airdate: January 23, 2012
Ad Agency: LatinWorks
President, CCO: Sergio Alcocer
VP Group Director: Charles Neugebauer
Creative Director: Erik Hernandez
Creatives: Morris Davila, Roberto Casillas & Seth Taylor
Producer: Michael McLaughlin
Production Company: Wild Plum
Director/DP: Ericson Core
Executive Producers: Shelby Sexton & Sandy Haddad
Where Shot: Pasadena, CA ("Big Red") & Calabasas, CA ("In Trouble")
Editorial Company: Union Editorial
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