Latest Innovation from +Castro... “Shared tweet”

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For Todomoda, Latin america's fashion accessory retailer.
 Latest Innovation from +Castro... “Shared tweet”


“Shared tweet”, latest innovation of +Castro with students for Todomoda, Latin american fashion accessorize retailer.
+Castro, the innovation shop led by Nico Pimentel and Pedro Saleh, has a simple and clear creed: innovation is only real if it takes place. In line with that belief, +Castro decided to integrate into its course at the Superior Creative School in Buenos Aires, one of its actual projects. Again, they approached it as a real job, not just theoretical practice for students.
What better match than one of the hottest innovation houses in the industry +Castro and Todomoda –a hot fashion accessorize retailer that has more than 300 stores in Latin America and it’s planning to open more stores. +Castro gave students a real brief from Todomoda and worked together with students to come up with ideas for the client for Friend’s Day.
They developed an innovative platform: “Shared tweet”, that targeted Todomoda most loyal core consumers: girls. In order to celebrate their friendship, girls had the opportunity to share their 140 characters: one friend writes the first half of the tweet, and the other friend the second half, at which time the tweet was posted on both of their respective timelines. Additionally they developed a fun online game that tested friends’ knowledge of each other, and gave them big discounts on Todomoda’s products.
“In the typical theoretical learning process, students are used to generating ideas that never see the light. With Todomoda’s brief we wanted to generate something different: students worked in groups and the best ideas were selected. Under the creative direction and production of +Castro, we presented them to the client, who rewarded the teams of students with store coupons. Most importantly, the students’ real work got real compensation from +Castro”, said Esteban Minoyetti, +Castro Creative Planner and senior professor at the course “School Agency +Castro” at the Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios.

This new way of teaching generated an innovation for Todomoda. Close friends, couples, colleagues and even argentinian celebrities celebrated their friendship by sharing tweets in
Agency: + Castro / La Escuelita
Advertiser: Todomoda
Innovation directors: Nicolás Pimentel / Pedro Saleh
Planner / Creative director: Esteban Minoyetti
Creative team: Elisa Carli, Augusto Morreale, Miguel Ángel Patiño Castañeda, Pablo Maffezini
Project leader: Sebastián Zuddio
Project assistant: Florencia Arrizabalaga
Digital Strategy Director: Juan Riva
Technology Director: Agustín Mende
Digital production company: The Pasto
Advertiser supervisors: Mariana Castelli, Carlos Castelli, Lucía Areosa
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+Castro, 7 years ago