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Kanokkan Rinnachit: “True Success Is Achieved Through Collaboration”

Advertising Agency
Bangkok, Thailand
Yell Advertising’s new managing director sits down with LBB to talk about decentralised management practices

In July 2022, after 13 years of hard work, Kanokkan Rinnachit was promoted to managing director of Yell Advertising, Bangkok. Proudly the longest serving team member, Kanokkan attributes her success to the various challenges she has overcome. By maintaining an open mind along with an open-door policy that supports all members of her team, Kanokkan has been able to fine tune her leadership skills, staying nimble and receptive to change. 

An advocate for ‘putting empathy in action’, the businesswoman has learnt a great deal from past failures and wholeheartedly believes the biggest mistakes present the most rewarding opportunities to grow. As she enters this exciting new phase of her professional career, the managing director opens up about valuing a direct and sincere approach to communication, the company’s enthusiasm for outside-the-box thinking, and how advocating for positive thinking has helped create Yell’s thriving workplace environment. 

LBB> What are you hoping to achieve in this new role at the company?

Kanokkan> I want to improve both my own and my team's ability to deal with constantly changing situations… new challenges await us! I don't want to succeed on my own - true success is achieved through collaboration. We will achieve success together and have fun doing it. I am a firm believer that leaders do not have to be the best at everything; rather, they must be willing to listen, understand, and be courageous enough to let go of their ego. I would gladly listen to all opinions. I can be an excellent leader because I have faith in my team. 

LBB> In what ways have you seen Yell develop since you started at the company?

Kanokkan> I must say, we truly have grown together. As Yell's first employee, I believe that me and the team who co-founded Yell have travelled a long way together. We started out with seven people and have grown to a team of 120. 13 years ago, I had no idea that I would one day manage and care for a team of more than 100 people. We must continue to focus on the advancement of the team. This year’s goals are not limited to Thailand. We are expanding into other countries, like Singapore - which is becoming more active this year after the pandemic - Europe, and the United States. This is all new and challenging. 

LBB> What have been the biggest challenges for you to overcome at Yell? 

Kanokkan> We have gone through trial and error, experienced failure and faced disappointment countless times. These experiences have shaped us into the company we are today. We maintain a decentralised system work culture, presenting new challenges to our talented members based on their performance. We have overcome many challenges by working together and believe that a positive attitude can reveal hidden talents and encourage those around you. We will get through it together, no matter how difficult it is.

LBB> Can you tell us about your favourite campaigns that Yell have produced in recent years?

Kanokkan> I am so proud of what we have accomplished this year. Over the past 12 months have received award nominations for many of our projects, including The Gecko Man - Weber Super Glue; Sex Education - Onetouch Condom; Search ’N’ Ambush - CP Freshmart; Private Andaman Sea - Love Andaman Thailand; and CP MEWTAVERSE - CP Bologna.

LBB> What campaigns do you think best represent the company?

Kanokkan> The CP Mewtaverse is one of my favourite campaigns. CP are always open to new experiences, so we have the fantastic opportunity to come up with creative ideas. The Mewtaverse project was created in collaboration with well-known Thai artists. is a Meta platform where we host events, and Yell is the first official APAC partner. Within the first two hours, 3,000 tickets for the event had been reserved. Participants came from Thailand, Singapore, China, Japan, and other places. Another reason to be proud is that I was involved in this project. It is a piece of work that demonstrates Yell’s ability to craft new creative ideas while also propelling a brand forward into new territory. 

LBB> How do you support your team members?

Kanokkan> Creating opportunities is critical - talented people require worthwhile challenges. They improve even more when they have valuable opportunities. I believe in the diversity of ideas. It's comparable to a high-quality raw material in agency work. When the best opportunity presents itself, we should create a team capable of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. Of course, I will do everything in my power to assist the team in every situation.

LBB> In your Bossing It interview, you said, “Culture creates the best teamwork" - how are you contributing to the workplace culture at Yell? 

Kanokkan> Since the pandemic, workplace culture has evolved to allow for remote access and flexibility. Our exceptional employees are free to work from wherever they want. This is no longer an office.If you want to socialise and collaborate with positive people, come to Co-Happy Space. I will always do my best to preserve a healthy company culture and pass it on to the next generation. Improving teamwork may necessitate changing the environment. I believe that by working together, we can overcome our constraints.

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