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kaboom productions Welcomes Director Christian Riebe

Production Company
San Francisco, USA
Director set for his first US representation

kaboom productions is excited to announce that it has signed director Christian Riebe for exclusive US representation. This is the first US signing for the director, who has worked extensively throughout Europe and Asia.

A blend of intimacy and precision allows christian to bring out the best in a brand’s story, and his natural shooting style lends itself perfectly to working with actors and real people alike. His visual style is organic and authentic, from his work with kids to his seamless integration of table top into story. This emphasis on genuineness results in narratives that emanate warmth and connect with audiences, among them commercials for Sony Bravia, Miele, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and LG.

“Christian’s work covers a variety of areas in and around visual storytelling but always with an authentic voice that carries through each project,” comments kaboom productions Founder/EP Lauren Schwartz. “His sensibility is natural and authentic rather than artificially amplified – you feel as if you just landed upon a lovely moment in a scene pulled from every day life. Whether he is working with kids or with food and tabletop, he integrates each seamlessly into the story so that they have a starring role without feeling forced. The result is a fluid and beautiful narrative in each spot.”

Christian explains that he reached out to kaboom after copious research on US production companies: “Everything about the kaboom spoke to me as a good match, including the personality that shines through on the website, and the other directors they represent. When I met Lauren, I understood that the spirit of kaboom was genuine and there’s a true passion for the process and industry.”

Admittedly skeptical of blind queries, Lauren found herself returning to watch Christian’s reel again and again, taking the opportunity for an in person meeting while in Los Angeles. “As we talked, I discovered that he possesses a wonderful balance of experience and youthful enthusiasm, and brings with him the unique ability to infuse work with a European sensibility and be accessible here as he splits his time between Germany, France and LA. Moreover – and this is very important for me and kaboom – he is a lovely person.”

When Christian was 15 years old, he contributed to filmmaking for the first time as part of the Art Department in a feature production. It was a life changing experience and marked the moment he fell in love with the industry. Working in various capacities in feature film and TV series production over the next few years, Christian gained deep experience in the filmmaking process before enrolling in an advertising program at Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg. While studying, he became a VFX Supervisor -- an asset to his future as a director at a time when visual effects was becoming increasingly central to the process. As a director, Christian has contributed his unique eye and multifaceted experience to creating spots with cinematic style and quality.

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