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JWT Singapore Appoints Jordan Price as Head of Strategic Planning

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Singapore, Singapore
12-year JWT veteran with strong cross cultural & marketing experience promoted

JWT Singapore has appointed Jordan Price, a 12-year JWT veteran with strong cross cultural and multi-market brand building experience, as Head of Strategic Planning.

Price joins the agency from JWT Tokyo, where he headed strategy for six years as Senior Strategic Planning Partner.  During his tenure at JWT Tokyo, Price, who speaks Japanese, developed the agency’s bespoke “Brand Nurturing” brand building model, which bridges the gap between Japanese and Western-style branding with a framework that makes more intuitive sense for Japanese culture and Japanese marketers.  

“JWT Singapore has a clear vision for the way we see, and operate, our ideas business and the focus for us is the fusion of brand idea and innovation.  Jordan shares that vision, and is the perfect fit for our management team,” said Frank Bauer, Managing Director of JWT Singapore.

Price, who started out as a producer in the Canadian film and television industry, began his career as a brand strategist at Jung von Matt, based in Hamburg.  He later joined JWT Toronto, where he worked for nearly six years, before moving to Japan in 2008.

He has worked on a diverse range of clients over the last 12 years, including FMCG giants Unilever, Kellogg’s, and Nestle, global pharma and health care companies Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, Japanese alcohol and beer powerhouse Suntory, camera and tech brands Nikon and Ricoh, as well as tourism, telecommunications and B2B accounts.  Price holds a degree in Philosophy and English Literature from the University of Western Ontario, and a degree in Film Production from Simon Fraser University.

He has served as a regular guest lecturer at Meiji University’s school of marketing, and in 2012 took part in a panel on culture and branding at the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards. 

“I believe I bring to the table a fairly unique set of skills and acquired wisdom on what drives great brands from my experiences across categories and cultures - and especially from my long tenure in Japan, where my original assumptions of how branding worked were perhaps more thoroughly challenged then they would have been in any other market. And the adventure continues,” said Price.  “I'm so looking forward to new discoveries here in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and to diving in and helping my clients here make their brands as strong and successful as they can possibly be.”

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