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JWT London Brings Some TLC to Crowne Plaza's Campaign

Advertising Agency
London, UK
Hotels & Resorts brand launches first campaign in six years

Today, Crowne Plaza unveil a new campaign created by JWT London. It showcases the many ways Crowne Plaza hotels always put their guests first. 

JWT London’s research revealed that the success of a trip very much depends on how guests feel and that whether travelling for business or leisure they want to feel at their best. We also found out that guests of Crowne Plaza don’t necessarily realise how much of a different the services offered make and how much they help them to thrive.

As a brand very much in tune with the modern traveller, Crowne Plaza have made it a priority to help their guests feel at their best, by providing them with the best environment. And the campaign ingeniously highlights the tailored and clever features that Crowne Plaza hotels offer to provide the best environment for each guest. 

David Masterman, Creative Director at JWT London explains: "It’s the Crowne Plaza brand’s attention to detail that sets them apart, so we wanted to hero the little things that make a big difference to their guests' stay. A complimentary apple isn’t just an apple, it’s the little energy kick behind a moment of inspiration.”

The campaign directly addresses the audience by not only talking about the features, but also about the benefits that they have. Each execution juxtaposes two seemingly unrelated elements to demonstrate how the features enable guests to feel at their best. Moreover, the witty headlines and the clean, considered aesthetic of the JWT London campaign reflect the uncomplicated intelligence of the brand’s products and services.

Claire Chapoulet, Brand Director for Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts and Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Europe said “We’re excited to be launching our first Crowne Plaza campaign in 6 years, and the first campaign in our brand’s history that talks directly to our commercial audience. We’re really proud of the creative work, and feel it communicates clearly and intelligently what our brand is all about – helping our guests get the best out of their day by putting them front and centre of everything we do.”

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