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Jimmy Brings Data Science to the Forefront

Digital Agency
Melbourne, Australia
Campaign developed by Magic, Carat and dentsu

Jimmy Brings, Australia’s largest and fastest on-demand drinks retailer launches its latest campaign via Magic and Carat.

The app-first delivery service wants Australians to make room for Jimmy Brings on their phone’s home screen by tapping into an abundance of user signals to ensure that their ads only ever appear when and where Jimmy is needed the most.

Half-time approaching and an empty fridge? Jimmy Brings it cold and ready for a victory toast.

Watching your favourite Twitch-streamer pounding the controller for that ever-elusive ‘dub’? Let Jimmy Brings take care of it.

Utilising Out-Of-Home, YouTube, Broadcast Video-on-Demand, Kayo, Twitch, Spotify, and an array of Social Media, Jimmy Brings is on track to accelerate the growth of their ever-expanding delivery network. The multi-layered campaign combines the nuances of Big Data, media science and contextual timing with the high reach impact of out-of-home placements and influencer networks.

Jamie Gagliardi, head of marketing for Jimmy Brings, said that by leaning into high impact out-of-home and pinpointing convenient moments with powerful user signals, Jimmy Brings could remain disruptive and timely: “What we have been able to produce here is an exciting opportunity for both the brand and for our customers. By building the foundations of awareness through big out-of-home buys and using a media science philosophy for digital action, we’re able to deliver our on-demand message to customers when and where Jimmy Brings is needed most. Like watching the footy or Twitch stream or wanting a last-minute glass of wine with dinner.”

Jordan Taylor-Bartels and Shahram Ghaffurian of Magic are determined to actualise the often untapped data that many leave dormant – specifically utilising Magic’s data science methodology and proprietary tools to coerce users to action.

“We wanted to build a campaign that relied upon and used what we know about the Jimmy Brings user journeys but also one that tapped into the thousands of digital signals we give off as users to increase relevance, brand recall and lifetime value. Jimmy Brings’ appetite to continually push the envelope across user behaviour, insight and journeys is both refreshing and powerful! This has allowed us to really amplify the impact that our data science expertise can have on the Australian market.”

By working with major OOH networks and influencers, dentsu have been able to maximise awareness playfully and vibrantly across Jimmy Brings’ ever-expanding delivery zones.

“It was important to make an impact across high traffic areas and at times that were most relevant to sipping a glass of wine or beer. By utilising rail OOH and guerilla marketing formats, we can engage with commuters heading home with the brands playful and laidback tone, knowing that they are likely to have alcohol top of mind.”